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P3 Describe how the environment and culture of another country affects a business operating internationally

I am going to discuss how the environment and culture of India and China affect businesses operating internationally. I am going to use Tesco as an example.
Environment: Both India and China have been named as countries with the highest expected growth in the next 50 years. India population – 1.1 billion, 1.3 billion. India is democratic, China is communist. (Businesses in India have freedom of speech and the way they operate their business while business operations in China are very limited by the Government) China is strong in manufacturing while India is strong in services and Information Technology. Strengths of China = Weaknesses of India
Infrastructure in India: India’s road network is a barrier to business operations and has been holding industry back which is a challenge that Tesco would come across with if deciding to expand in India as it would make imports into India much more difficult, time and cost consuming. However Indian government has made it a priority to improve the country’s infrastructure and has pledged to build 14km of new roads in the nearer future.
Infrastructure in China: China’s infrastructure is top class – one of the best in the world. China spends almost 50% of its GDP on investment towards their infrastructure which include; roads, bridges, trains, ports, technology etc. China has currently approved an estimated $156 billion dollar investment on more infrastructure projects for the country. This would be a major advantage for Tesco, if they want to expand to China, as it means that if Tesco wants to import goods into China, it will be easier.
Inflation in India: Inflation in India has reached 6.5% while in the rest of the world it reached an average of 2.2%. People in India will therefore be spending less and saving more...

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