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Types of information

This report show results of the investigation into information for City of Wolverhampton College. In order to do this should complete the following activities. Complete a table like the one below to show the types, sources and purpose of information used within the organisation. Try to include at least two examples of each type of information.

Verbal | Student Hub | In the Student Hub they help students with financial support such as bus passes, squid cards for that the students can get their lunch | The purpose for of the Student Hub is to support students by giving them an opportunity to apply for a bus pass and a lunch card | Picture C | Verbal | Study Hub | The Study Hub offers students to go in to their work on the computers to catch up on assignments, borrowing books for their courses and borrow an ipad to do their work. | The purpose for of the Study Hub is help students with their studies in the college instead of doing their work at home. | Picture G | Written | Timetable | A timetable is a written document for the students can referrer to so they can see what lessons they have got in the week. | The purpose for a timetable is to help students to get to lessons and know tutor you have got. | Picture B | Written | Assignment | An assignment is a written document to give instructions to the student to do a specific task for example to achieve P1, P2, M2 , D2 | The purpose for an assignment is help to student to achieve the unit that has been given to them and also they can achieve with their final grade for that specific unit | Picture F | On Screen | PowerPoint | A PowerPoint offers students and tutors an opportunity to prosade in front of the class or in front of a group of students, also put pictures that are fit for purpose. | The purpose for a PowerPoint is to help students with their assignments and learn more about the college. | Picture A | On Screen | TV slides show | TV slides show will allow students know important information about the college for example enrolment and the opening times of the student hub. | The purpose of a TV slides show to show students and tutors what is going on in the college. | Picture H | Multimedia | Smart board | A smart board will allow students to do their presentations in the class with a clicker. | The purpose of a smart board is allowing students to do their presentation on their in front of the class. | Picture J | Multimedia | Presentations slides with YouTube links | A PowerPoint presentation with YouTube allows students more detail about the topic that they are doing and also it is effective use for assignments as well. | The purpose of a PowerPoint presentation with YouTube links is to help students with their assignments just in case they cannot find another resource. | Picture I | Web based | Moodle | Moodle is web based document which allows students and staff to access assignments, PowerPoint presentations and word documents | The purpose of Moodle is to help students with assignments and different resources | Picture F | Web based | Promonitor | This is used by students and tutors to check their attendance and their grades. | The purpose of Promonitor is to let students check their attendance and grades | Picture D |

Picture A

Picture B

Promonitor sites web link

Picture D

Picture C

Picture E

Picture F

Picture J

Picture H

Picture G

Picture I

The college communicates with its staff in various different ways. One of the ways are strategic direction which means the college require large amounts of information from both external and internal sources to increase students success rates. Once this information is obtained, a very useful planning tool will be used know as a SWOT analysis is used for example the strength for the college “We have already been named in the top 15% of colleges in England for success rates for 16 to 18-year-olds, and graded as good with outstanding features by Ofsted.” A weakness for the college would be that the building is old therefore the college will need to invest in a new property so they can keep their customers and employees. An opportunity for the college would be having meetings about the grades and the success rate this is called benchmark which means the college is discussing where the college lies. A threat would completion with other college such as Walsall College and Dudley College because different colleges have different Ofsted reports are like and see what staff is losing their job and what students prefer.

Business need to be aware of what their competitors are doing to make sure that they do not lose their customers or staff the way the college does this is that they look at the success rates, Ofsted reports and attendance to compare them to the college. Regular research and communication its competitors sales, marketing and development. Also market companies sometimes take this research on behalf of the business.

Information is also required and needs to be communicated in order to support the business. This support can be someone in the business or outside the business, the business may want to the change it operates. For example City of Wolverhampton College close courses to make the college more efficient and also the college might lose some staff because so they can make the college more efficient to the society. This information will be given to the staff explaining why they are doing this.


The finance is how the college runs and maintains working, the way the college does this is students paying for the courses that they want to do, printing credit that goes to the students, buying equipment and buying food supplies so that the students can eat. This helps the college to invest in another thing such as new courses, new building and buying products such as smart board, computers and chairs. Also the college runs a financial support centre for students that have parents that do not work and earn unless than £25.000.

Human resources provide information about the staffing and training within the college for example the college provides information about the courses that is available in the college and the wages for the staff and training for the new employees that are being hired in the business.


Many private research organisations specialise in building up databases who known to have an interest in certain goods and services for example the college uses databases to keep track of the students attendance and the grades. Also this is an efficient tool to use for the college so that the staffs know the students grads as well.

The research is how the college keep their students and staff by researching other colleges to known what courses is available and also to keep their students buying adverting the courses that they want. Also to see what are the success rates are in the college as well and the new technology.


Verbal Communication

Verbal communication uses spoken words to communicate a message. When most people think of verbal communication, they think speaking, but listening is equally important skill for this type of communication to be successful. Verbal communication is can be used in different situations such as ragging from informal office discussions to public speeches to thousands of people.

The college communicate in different ways through tutors the reason that the college do this is because so their staff can build a relationship with students so if the students have a problem with an assignment or a task that cannot do then they would not feel afraid to ask their tutor instead being shy. Also the student prefers to listen to have it in writing.

Written Communication

This is a physical way of writing symbols to communicate with one and another. They come in different languages. Can be words, diagrams, graphs and charts. And these can come from different sources such as newspapers, books, government publications, posters and many more. This way of communicating is used all around the world which means you can contact lots of people in different countries.

The college use written communication because students and staff work differently than others because instead of using the on screen presentation they prefer written so they can understand what they are doing and not be stuck and be angry that they cannot see the screen.

On screen

The most used way to inform customers about special offers, what’s new or what stores are open in by screen. This can be from many common items such as phones, TV, laptops, computers, films etc. All web based information displays have many benefits of multi- media technology. The on screen information can be seen anywhere. When you are driving home from work or just going out and about there is screen displays showing you what companies are advertising to you to try and catch your eye.

The college use on screen information because so that the tutors and students can present their work the whole class. This is an efficient type of information because students can feel confident to present to the class and understand what the topic is about and answer questions if the student if the audience does not understand the topic and it easy to use than multi-media information.

Multi- media

Multi – media is the best way to advertise as everyone has sort of online or screen device. City of Wolverhampton College use multi- media information because so that the tutors can make the students feel entertained and is focused on their work that they are doing. The reason that the college does because so the tutors can make their lessons more entertained and make the students feel excited in the work that they are doing for example using presentations with you tube links so that they can understand what is the topic that they are doing for the course.

Web site information

This is used a lot in City of Wolverhampton College as the company looks what the students can use access on the college website for example take Promonitor the students can access mark book to see if they are goods and their attendance and also the students can go on Moodle to get different resources.

It is important that keep up to date with the website because students in the college wants to know what is going on in the college, what are the open days for students that want to go on the courses that are available in the college and to study in the college as well. This is efficient to use because the student can use it at home or in the college so they can understand what the topics is all about.


“We have already been named in the top 15% of colleges in England for success rates for 16 to 18-year-olds, and graded as good with outstanding features by Ofsted”

Btec Level 3 National Business Student Book 1
ISBN 978 1 846906 34 3


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