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Uses of Ict in Nigeria

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The Role of Information and Communication Technology in Language Teaching and Learning In University Education
In 2000, Nigeria developed a policy on Information Technology (IT), with the aim of making Nigeria an IT adapted country in Africa and also a leading player in the use of ICT as an implement for sustainable development and global competitiveness. Since then Information and Communication Technology has been on the lips of every academic. The world is about to leave behind anyone that is not ICT compliant. ICT has various forms and roles which it performs in learning, especially in the teaching and learning of language. It is a powerful tool which can take the form of texts, pictures, tables, graphs, emails, fax, chat groups, discussion groups, SMSs, socializing portals, dictionaries, e-encyclopaedia, Power Point presentations, websites and audio-videos, etc. It can play instructional roles which include making learners feel more relaxed to learn various topics and tasks and making them active as learning is technologically based.
The problem which we have identified in the use of ICT in tertiary education is lack of infrastructure and trained manpower (personnel) to use the ICT tools in teaching and learning. Most lecturers, technologists and students who are supposed to use the ICT tools are ignorant of what they are and their uses. Previous researches on ICT have focused on the hardware, software, professional development and support services. The purpose of this study is to identify the available ICT infrastructural facilities and to discuss how they can be put to effective use in the teaching and learning of language. The study will limit its focus on the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Although the area of this study is the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, we are aware that many tertiary institutions in Nigeria face the same...

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