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Violence and Videogames


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Video games, allegedly responsible for a tragedy.
It is no secret that in recent times there has been a substantial increase in criminal activity , which has radically changed the lifestyle of people , even causing them vulnerable even in places that were considered safe in the past. Like any tragic event you try to find a suspect of the unfortunate events that have taken the lives of thousands of people in the United States , though such a search has no reason to be as real culprit lies in the eyes of all , this is an industry that moves dividends million a year , this is the game industry .
Based on a series of scientific studies conducted by several universities , it is confirmed that there is a direct relationship between prolonged use of video games and aggressive behaviors in players . An immoderate exposure to this type of entertainment causes direct damage to the central nervous system, causing the individual to present a state of anxiety.
There is a directly proportional correlation between the use of video games and an increase in the consumption of alcohol and drugs in young people aged 13-17 years. Additionally users become more frivolous in their interpersonal relationships , and although this type of entertainment does not promote isolation, if ideologically influence the player , making images witnessed remain in the subconscious and therefore intends to recreate them later.
It is for this reason that it is intended to show the evidence that confirms the claims made above, to thereby create awareness in the reader about the impact of video games on human behavior through an increase in aggressive behavior Player .
Therefore, the analysis performed below will focus on the negative effects of video games on the development of children and youth and connecting these with the social problems that occur today.
Dozens of studies confirm that the

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