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At this moment Brynn forgot all about her date and asked her father, “How many people will there be in my class, what do I do when I get there, and how long is the flight to Wakiki?” “There is no class. You will have your own personal trainer who will be rooming with you, one other student, and another trainer. Once you arrive at the camp go to the main desk in the office and tell them your first and last name. No you cannot say Brynn, you have to go by your real first name at the camp. They will give you a schedule that you will go by every day. The flight from here to Wakiki is fifteen hours.” After he finished talking, Brice left the room to start making dinner. Brynn wasn’t so excited about the fifteen hour flight but she was pumped about getting the chance to go to a three month fighting camp …show more content…
She laughed and said that she loves him too and left. She grabbed the one backpack that she packed and her dad grabbed the two heavy luggage. They put the luggage in the trunk and Brynn sat in the front seat with her bag in her lap. Brice jumped in the front seat of his Ferrari, started the car, and drove off. The first five minutes of the car ride was full of lectures and dos and don’ts. Then Brynn turned up the music to drain out her father’s speech. When they arrived at the airport, Brice and Brynn hugged and got the luggage from the car. Brynn said goodbye to her father and went in the airport to board her plane. On the plane, she took out her phone and turned on airplane mode. She put her earphones in and turned on her music. Looking through her backpack she found a pack of gum and took one out so that when the plane took off her ears wouldn’t pop. She took out her drawing pad and colored pencils and began to draw. After seven hours of being airborne, Brynn put away her things that she had out and drifted off into a peaceful

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...It is only polite to greet the stranger next to you on a bench. This is a social rule. It is nice to help others where you can. If someone wants something so badly, and you want to get rid of, should you give it to them, even though it is your own baby? A Simple exchange of niceties is written by Joanne Fedler in 2007. The main character has gotten pregnant by mistake. In her spare-time she likes to sit on a special bench in the park. This bench might her source of safety, in her messy life. She thinks she is the only one, that she owns it, until she meets someone who feels the same way about the special bench. The short story is written from a first person narrator point of view. The narrator of the story likes to sit on a special bench in the park. She sees the bench as her property, and she does not like when anyone else is sitting on it. The bench get the role of a friend to the girl. This is her place of safety, and she does not want to share it with anyone. She does not mind giving anything else away, of any material value to make others happy; “It’s not like I doesn’t like sharing. I’d give anyone the shirt off my back or the food off my plate.” (ll.23-24, p.1). She would even give her child away, but the only thing she doesn’t want to share with others is the thing she cannot have for herself; the bench. The narrator’s view of herself is pretty trashy. We are told that she does not have a very well relationship to her mother; “She would have exchanged me for a...

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