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Wearable Divices

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Germania Davis
January 18, 2015

Mobile technology and wearable devices are taking the world by storm, the main developers Samsung, Apple, Nokia and Motorola are fight the first spot on the market. The technology is constantly evolving and adding new features that is even hard for the most technology savvy user to keep the trach, even when seen so easy for the youngest generation to catch up. It doesn’t seem so long ago when were mesmerized by what we can do with the Blackberry that is so hard to imagine that a BB is some of the past, that my nine years old daughter have never hear that word before today. Now we are not only talking about mobile technology about wearable technology.

What is wearable technology? “While the clue's in the name, it doesn't quite tell the whole story. Wearable technology is clearly gadgets you wear, but there are important distinctions. Wearable tech isn't a trendy pair of headphones, for example, or a digital watch. The new age of wearables tap into the connected self – they're laden with smart sensors, and make use of a web connection, usually using Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to your smartphone. They use these sensors to connect to you as a person, and they help you to achieve goals such as staying fit, active, losing weight or being more organized.” ( 2015)


Battery life

Apps capacity



Smartphones v easy to carry around, even on hand of on close pockets.
Battery in now day has a very good length of time base on use of course.
Most apps are designed for smartphones, huge variety.
Very easy to use with very little technology knowledge, good to hold with hands.
Vary based on model and brand, somewhat affordable.

Tablets are more difficult to carry on hand or pocket.

The tablets battery can last longer than the smartphone,

A lot apps but fall short against smartphone.

The size make very comfortable for reading but so much for typing. Vary based on model and brand, somewhat affordable.

Smartwatch this is a wearable device and is use in the wrist.

Very limited battery life

App can be Sync with those on you smartphone.

Very easy to carry around but good for reading or typing.

Vary based on model and brand, somewhat affordable.

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