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Web - Based Information System

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Write a Case Study report on the use of web-based information systems by an organization in Ghana

Write a Case Study report on the use of web-based information systems by an organization in Ghana

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Table of Contents Background 2 Information Systems 2 Web-based Information Systems 3 Health Information Systems 3 Types of Health Information System 5 Components and Functions of Health Information System 6 Brief Overview of the Health Care System in Ghana 7 Context of Study 8 Vision and Mission 9 Core Objectives 9 Benefits of web – based health information system 9 Barriers to web – based Health Information System 11 References 13

For the thriving nature of every business setting, whether for-profit or not-for-profit, but also for long term survival, there is a need for the adoption of proper information dissemination and sharing systems in real time to the benefit of all stakeholders in the organization. In times past, most businesses operated with less or no importance attached to how data and information about their businesses are handled, oblivious of its subsequent consequences to the organization. Currently, in the midst of a swiftly moving landscape in technology, coupled with transient business innovations that seek to maximize both short-term and long-term profits as well as benefits; that means, technology is seen to be transforming almost all facets of endeavors on the global business landscape, providing organizations an urge to set their expectations higher so as to meet standards of modern global competition (Magal & Word, 2009).
Information Systems
Information is an important asset, since most organizations use it to gain competitive advantage (Panigyrakis &...

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