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What Are the Main Arguments for and Against the Cap? Which Do You Agree with, and Why?


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What are the main arguments for and against the CAP? Which do you agree with, and why?

The common agricultural policy (CAP) is a system of programmes and subsidies paid to EU farmers, which represents about half of the EU's budget, however, this number continues to decrease over the years. Initially, CAP was established to increase agricultural productivity in the EU and secure availability of food supplies after World War II . The CAP offered subsidies and systems guaranteeing high prices to farmers, who were encouraged to produce in response to consumer demand. This helped reduce Europe's dependence on imported food and quickly made Western Europe self-sufficient in food, but at the same time led to over-production of those agricultural products that were subsidised. Due to the fact that was produced more than could be sold, there was creation of "mountains" and "lakes" of surplus food and drink, which often had to be resold at a loss on world markets.The CAP has been altered several times in order to reduce costs and tackle over-production but there has been only limited success. The CAP have undergone major changes in the past several years. Since 2005 farmers are no longer subsidised, but instead receive a lump-sum called the Single Farm Payment (SFP). Over time agricultural priorities have shifted, with concern over food safety, quality, environmental, plant health, animal health and welfare standards. However, Throughout its lifetime, the CAP has come under heavy criticism, therefore i Will try to analyse in my essay main arguments for and against Common Agricultural policy From the beginning of the European Union, EU policy has given emphasis to the agricultural sector. Personally I think that the greatest advantage of CAP is that European Union looks after its farmers. Since the establishment of Common Agricultural policy in 1962 it aimed at ensuring

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