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Office 365 University FAQ

What is Office 365 University?
Office 365 University is a four year subscription for full and part time, enrolled university and college students, faculty and staff. After purchasing Office 365 University at a participating retailer, you will need to go online to verify your eligibility in order to activate Office.

How can I validate my eligibility for Office 365 University?
Your eligibility will be validated online at www.office.com/verify. During the redemption process, you will be prompted for your school email address or logon, or international student identity card (ISIC).
What are the system requirements?
Where do I find my Product Key?
The Product Key is printed on the card inside the Microsoft Office packaging. To find your Product Key, open the packaging and remove the card. The 25-character alpha-numeric code is printed on the back of the card. Sample Product Key format: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX
Do I need to keep my Product Key?
For Office 365 University, you do not need to keep your Product Key after the initial setup process of creating a Microsoft account. You can always go back to www.office.com/myaccount to sign in and install or reinstall Office. It will be important to keep your username and password to re-install Office.
Why is my Product Key not working?
If your Product Key is not working, try the following:
* Check that the Product Key was entered correctly. A Product Key is not case sensitive and is alpha-numeric.
* Make sure the Product Key has not already been used. A Product Key can only be used once to set up your Microsoft account. If the Product Key has already been used, go to www.office.com/myaccount and sign in with your Microsoft account to install or reinstall Office.
* Contact support if you are still having issues at www.support.microsoft.com/contactus
Why do I get an error…...