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Benjamin Kluvers English Comp. 100 January 21, 14

On the morning of August 9th I woke up at two o’clock in the morning about to embark on a long journey to Fort Kent Maine. This was a place that I used to call home back in 2008-2009. Driving from the northwest suburbs of Chicago all the way to the tiptop of Maine. The reason I used to call this place home was because this is not the first time I have attended school here at University of Maine at Fort Kent. Being only 18 at the time and fresh out of high school I did not understand what it was truly like to be out on my own with no parental supervision and no day-by-day guidance. Now in 2013 going back to UMFK I had a different outlook on life. But as I finished packing my car with pretty much my entire life in it, I started to feel a sense of doubt about myself. I nudged away the initial thought and said my goodbyes to my parents and my two sisters. For about the first four to five hours on the road it was dark and this feeling kept creeping back into my mind. “Would I repeat what I did back in fall of 2008 and spring of 2009?” Thinking about all the things I did wrong back then with regards to taking advantage of many things I should not have. Drinking, partying, and playing video games ten plus hours a day just to name a few. The fall of 2008 was not as bad as the spring mostly due to soccer. Being on the men’s team at UMFK kept me in check for most of the first semester with actually having straight A’s for most of the semester. Until we made it to Nationals all the way out in Fresno, California. This was an opportunity of a lifetime getting to miss school for two weeks sounded like the best time ever at 18 years old. Now being 23 I wish I knew what I know now cause the decisions I would have made would have been a complete 180. As we left for Fresno, California the last thing that was on my mind was final projects and papers including some left over homework that need to all be completed by the time I got back. Not really tuning into the fact that if I did not have all this complete would result in all letter grades finalizing as F’s. During the entire trip I noticed everyone else except me taking the time to do all this work, but I had other ideas. I was in California for Christ’s sake. To go from below zero temperatures to 60-70 degree days for two weeks, I wanted to be outside doing much better things then typing out papers and so on. As we finally arrived back in Fort Kent I was empty handed. I had not completed one ounce of work that was due the day I got back. At the time I did not think much of it, but looking back now I wish I could just slap some sense in to my head. I mean how could I not care about my future not even a little bit. Going home from break my parents were really upset and disappointed with me knowing that I was capable of so much more. So of course I gave my parents a huge apology and said that, “I will perform up to the standards that I am capable of and erase what I did this past semester and prove that I belong to UMFK and will work as hard as I possibly can”. This was all just to get my parents off my back so I could just get away from them again and not have to be babysat like I did when I was at home. So coming back to Fort Kent after the break I felt like having a little epiphany in me. So once again for the first month I started of really well again with straight A’s, but that was soon to change. Without soccer in the spring I really had nothing to keep me on track and most of my friends were not in sports and all they did was relax, drink, go out, party and play video games. Being around this almost on a daily basis I was sucked in immediately. The addiction to playing video games became my life not going to class barely sleeping and poor eating habits were just the beginning. As a result the second semester was even worse than the first finishing with straight F’s once again. I had let down my friends, coach, parents and myself. As the sun began to rise in the east driving towards Fort Kent once again I said to myself this old Ben is no longer apart of me and I’m here to prove to my parents and my teachers and coach that I deserve to be back here. After being away for five years I gained valuable life experience that never had back then. So far in the fall semester I made the Deans list, All-American soccer player, and National Championship All-Tournament Player. What more could I ask for being back here and changing my whole life around.

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