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What Is the Internet

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What is the Internet?
The “Internet” or sometimes referred to as the “Net” is the largest universal network of all time. The Internet connects computers and laptops from all around the world, this enables everyone to communicate straight away with other people in different countries. It started in 1969 when a US department of defence and scientists shared information, and made a link. Then academic and commercial organizations and the general public connected at a later date.
The Internet is a network of computers of which are linked. There are mainly two different Internet networks. One is generally a small location, like yours at home or office, this is called a “Local network”. The other is a wide area network, this is where there is two or more local area networks, these are linked by “telephone lines” or “radio waves”, today the fastest way to receive the Internet is by having a “Fibreoptic” connection.
The public sometimes confuse the Internet with the “World Wide Web” which is commonly known as “W.W.W” but they are not the same because the “World Wide Web” is a virtual network of websites that are all linked. Servers are used to store the websites on the Internet, this makes it a valuable part of the Internet. This was created in 1989 by Tim Berner­Lee. The Internet has a huge variety of information and tools to assist us to access information quicker and the freedom to access it across the world.
It helps us to interact and communicate with other. The Internet offers such tools, “Skype” and “Blogs and online chat rooms, also social networking sites such as “Facebook” and “Twitter”. It also allows me to use social bookmarking to share interesting photographs on sites like “Instagram” and “Pinterest”. There are many more examples, such as “Podcasts” and other search engines. There is no official owner of the…...

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