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When My Sister Passed Away

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When My Sister Passed Away
By:Adaih Assel-Weaver “Come on Amber,smile.” I heard my Uncle Alec shout from the bedroom. My Mom got so furious that she screamed”I’m going for a walk!” She stumbled out of bed,snatched my sister out of bed and left. I started to go to bed after my Mom left and I fell asleep.
My Mom was still out for a walk when I fell asleep. I was awoken at 1:00am to get told that we have to go to the hospital. In my head I was thinking what are all of these police doing here? We didn’t leave until about an hour after I woke up because of the ambulance and police. Finally after the police and ambulance left, my family and I went to the hospital. On the way to the hospital we were told that Josslyn was on life-support,but the doctors took her off.
Everybody started to cry when the doctor came in and broke the terrible news to us that Josslyn had passed. T tried to stay strong and not cry,but it just hit me,my stomach started to hurt really bad,cramps everywhere,I really felt like I was going to throw up and I just started to cry. Then we went home,the cops were still there and they had to search the house so we went down to our church. My Pastor wanted to know what had happened. My Grandma Charla told him. He was very shocked,I could tell. He felt very sorry and also very sad.
I didn’t go to school that day. I was up almost all day and almost all night. A week later we had a funeral for her. When we went to the funeral everybody was crying and when I went to see her she was cold and pale. My sister may not have a headstone yet,but I still know where she is buried. My sister died October 16,2013.
The reason I wrote this is because this is one thing I want Mrs.Peters to know about me. This is something that has desperately tore apart my life. This has affected me so much in my home life and my school environment. I HATE when...

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