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Why Is George Washington A Good President

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George Washington was the first president of the United States. The position of president was formed when the Constitution of the United States was written and ratified in 1789. Prior to this, the United States government was run based on the Articles of Confederation which hadn’t been working well. It included a weakened central government with very little executive power. The Constitution defined the role of president and included checks and balances for a stronger federal system. It did not however include too many specifics on how a president should carry out his role. As part of this first presidency, George Washington established three important precedents which included a maximum of two terms for a president, a presidential cabinet of his supporters and giving a farewell address at the end of his presidency. …show more content…
Washington never said he wanted a second term but he believed the country would be ruled like a monarchy if there were more than two terms. He established a rule for future presidents to only serve two terms but it wasn’t a law. All of the subsequent presidents followed this rule until Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency. Roosevelt was elected to four terms. After his death at the beginning of his 4th term, Congress passed the twenty-second amendment which only allows a president to serve a maximum of two terms. George Washington establishing a maximum of two terms in office has been of importance not only in the history of his presidency but also in the development of a realistic national

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