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Why Is King Arthur Important

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The story of King Arthur is one of the most well know legends of all time. Scholars, teachers, and children all know the story of Arthur and his sword in the stone. Not many people know the actual story of Arthur. He is seen in many different ways. He is seen as either a warrior or a wart, depending on where a person is getting the information from. Who King Arthur was, his importance, and his exaggeration throughout time can be seen in both history and literature. Who was King Arthur? Many scholars do not even have the answer. Most of them believe Arthur was actually from the fifth or sixth century. They believed he was a military commander of the Britons against Anglo Saxons that were invading Great Britain at the time. The historian Gildas …show more content…
He made an impact on both obviously, because students, teachers, and historians are still speaking of him today. The English kings of the Middle Ages would use the legend of King Arthur to their advantage because of the influence it had on the history of England. The kings used this legend to say they had a right to the throne of Wales and England. They used this legend to give them some sort of credibility. In literature, his name first appears in a Welsh poem by Goddodin. He is seen in many other writings as well, including tenth century British historical annals and “Roman de Brut”, by Robert Wace which introduced the idea of the famous round table and King Arthur's Knights. Medieval writers brought Arthur into their own time with armor, castles, and the code of chivalry (Matte). They needed to do this to entertain the idea of knights and chivalry they had at the time. King Arthur was exaggerated in literature as well as different aspects for entertainment, like movies and …show more content…
Arthur was exaggerated to fit whatever agenda people had. The kings in Great Britain were trying to push Catholicism, so Arthur became a Catholic with a code of chivalry instead of the brutal, Celtic, savage he really was. Kings and writers used this method because they knew people looked up to Arthur or at least really liked him and would believe he was like this because of how he was already exaggerated in literature. In "The Sword in the Stone" movie and story, he was probably made into a completely different person so it wouldn't become a history lesson and people would actually want to read it or watch it. Story wise, just having the Celtic warrior Arthur would be boring or seem like a history book. Movie wise, it would be inappropriate for children to watch a movie about a warrior at war, plus they wouldn't be interested. "The Sword in the Stone" is also a Disney movie so the magic in it is embellished and they add random parts in to make it more interesting, like the villain Mad Madame Mim (Sword). Magic is definitely exaggerated in this movie, even thought it's obviously not real. The wizard Merlin turns into different animals to teach Arthur different lessons (Sword). In the story "The Sword and the Stone", Merlin enchants the sword so that only Arthur can pull it out of the stone. In the story, Arthur is a humble, smart, and modest person, while in real life he probably wasn't like that at all (White).

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