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King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
Chapter 1: Arthur and Merlin
Read by Nathalie Drasse
This very old story begins with Uther, a great king. He was a good man and he was king in the south of Britain. Other places were very dangerous at that time, but people did not fight in Uther's country. Uther loved a beautiful woman, Igraine, and he wanted to marry her. But she did not love him and he was very sad about that.
Merlin was a very clever man and he knew a lot of magic. He could change into an animal or bird. Sometimes, when he used magic, nobody could see him. He also helped people with his magic, and one day he came to King Uther.
'You can marry Igraine,' he said. 'I will help you. But when you have a child, you will have to give the boy to me.', I will give him to you,' said the King. He married Igraine and later they had a baby son. They called him Arthur. When Arthur was three days old, a very old man arrived at the door of the King's house. It was Merlin. King Uther took the child in his arms and gave him to Merlin. Merlin took the child away. He gave the boy, Arthur, to a good knight. His name was Sir Ector.
So Arthur lived with Sir Ector and his son, Kay, and the two boys were brothers.
A short time after this happened, King Uther was very ill. He did not get better. He called for Merlin because he wanted to talk about the future of his country. Merlin came and listened to the King.
'I know that I am going to die,' King Uther said. 'Who will be king after me? '
'Call your knights and great men,' Merlin told the King. 'Tell them', 'My son, Arthur, will be the next king!' King Uther told his people this before he died. But a lot of people wanted to be king, so the knights and great men began to fight. There was no new king for a long time.
When Arthur was a young man, Merlin went to London. He visited the Archbishop, the most important man in the

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