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Why People Travel to Hawaii


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Why People Travel


After reading and studying this chapter, you should be able to: 1. List reasons why people travel. 2. Describe the sociocultural impact of tourism. 3. Describe sustainable tourism and ecotourism. 4. Explain cultural, heritage, and nature tourism.






67 68 Chapter 3 Why People Travel

" There are many reasons why people travel. It could be for business or personal purposes. Regardless, it provides the traveler with an opportunity to
_ encounter somewhere or something new and hopefully exciting! " Joseph Charles, Charles Street Cafe & Catering, Boston,MA

Have you ever been dying for a break? Have you ever caught jyeursel] day- dreaming about where you would go if you only had the time, t ~ money, and the opportunity? Are you curious about the world and want to explore it~ Well, you are not alone! From the beginning of time, people all over the world have felt the urge to get out there and explore, conquer, and find enlightenment.
Though hopefully a little more peaceful, the weary student heading off on spring break, to Europe for the summer, or even for a semester abroad, is not too dif- ferent from the adventurous Viking seeking greener pastures. Fantasies aside, why do people travel? Today, there are many reasons (maybe even some excuses) to take to the road. A trip away from home may be for a va- cation, visiting friends and family, for work, to attend a conference or a sporting event, even to visit a college campus, just to name a few. Regardless, under the umbrella of travel and tourism, there are many occupations that are necessary to meeting the needs and wants of people who are away from home. And

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