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Assignment Two: Employment-at-Will Doctrine

Linda M Zaccarillo

LEG500 Law, Ethics and Corporate Governance

Note: This assignment is submitted on July 31, 2014 to Professor Sliben in fulfillment of a requirement for successful course completion.

Assignment One: Employment-at-Will Doctrin

In this paper I will be acting as a recently-hired Chief Operating Officer in a midsize company preparing for an Initial Public Offering. I will also I will analyze the emoloyment-at-will doctrine, determine if any exceptions and liabilities exist, and give a brief definition. I will also discuss Pennsylvania employement-at-will doctrine.

Employment-at-Will Doctrine

Employment-at-will doctrine means the common law rule that holds that whenever an employment relationship is of an indefinate duration, either party- the employer or the employee-may terminate the relationship at any time,for good cause or bad, in good faith or with malice(Halbert & Ingulli, 2012. p 46).

John is not protected by the employment-at will doctrine. The reason that I can fire him is because his interent blasting is a direct violation of company policy. There is no privacy when posting on the internet. When you post things on the interent you are posting for the whole world to see. John is not covered by any laws to protect him from being fired. There is also no way that he ccan contest the firing because he is violatiating the privacy of one of our most important clients. It is our duty to protect all of our client private business.


Bill is also not protected by the emloyment-at-will doctrine. The reason that Bill can be fired is because he is using company property illegally. You can not use company issued equipment to run your own personal business. Business is to be conducted on business assigned...

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