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Kingston’s mother tells her of the patience and self control Fa Mu Lan has to acquire during her journey in order to empower her with identical warrior-skills that will help her cope with modern day injustices. Along the fifteen years of her rigorous training, Fa Mu Lan is consoled by her masters with a water gourd, which allows her to observe her family which she was forced to abandon. While looking into the gourd one day, she witnesses her soon-to-be husband and younger brother getting drafted into the army, while the baron’s family sits untouched by the conscription and feasts on a sacrificial pig. As she cries out in rage and attempts to defend them, her teachers force her to wait saying, “We didn’t work this hard to save just two boys, but whole families.”(32). The societies …show more content…
Thus, the Woman Warrior must apply an enormous effort of self control in order to ignore her growing animosity towards the baron. Though very grueling, Fa Mu Lan learns to be patient and continues her training to one day avenge not only her family, but an entire village. Ever since she was a small child, Kingston’s mother constantly told this epic of the legendary Fa Mu Lan, in order for her to absorb the warrior’s ability to maintain composure under demanding circumstances. Kingston, particularly displays this craft when she encounters a racist employer, who constantly degrades her with racial slurs and humiliating tasks such as having her book a banquet at a restaurant being picketed by CORE and NAACP (both civil right organizations). As much as Kingston wants to gut her boss with a sword forged out of her hate, she whispers, “‘I refuse to type these invitations.’”(49). Rather than to violently combat the injustice as she desires, Kingston neglects her growing animosity just as the Woman Warrior once

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