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Women Abuse

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Lloyd Jerome B. Karingal TREDTWO EI

Our country is currently facing different kinds of mistreatment to women which includes: forced prostitution, illegal recruitment, battering, rape, human trafficking and armed conflict. The worst thing about this is that some of them are even under aged. They are harassed mostly by men either that they know or do not know. Women enter these kinds of things because they do not have any other options in life because of their financial status and the worst thing is some of them are forced to do it. They are offered “attractive jobs” that are baits waiting for someone to bite so they can reel them in. The problem lies not just with the locals but also with the word spreading through foreign countries. The Vatican itself said that the Philippines have a serious trafficking problem. The statistics that will be shown is focused more on human trafficking because it is the most reported case and it is not given much attention by those in power.

1997 : 75,000 – 100,000 women reported victims 60,000 – 100,000 victims (under aged children)
2003 – 1.5 million women due to the lack of opportunities in the country may end up victims
2007 – 375,000 are in the sex trade
Source: UNICEF

Ethical Solutions: * Substitute Home Cares * Special Hospital care for victims * Rehabilitation * Crisis Centre * Get the people aware of what is really happening * National Consciousness day for the elimination of violence against women (Nov 25) * Educational programs…...

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