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This paper is a summary of the Youtube video, “Men and Women’s Brains” by Mark Gunger. It is very funny but educational at the same time. In this video Mr. Gunger explains how men have boxes in their brain. The rule is that the boxes do not touch. When a man talks about something he has to dig deep into his mind to find that one specific box, while only discussing what is in that one specific box. He also informs us that stress is something that happens and forms very differently in men’s brains versus women’s brains. Men don’t like to talk about stress. However, women want to talk about it, figure it out and get in the man’s brain of what he could possibly be stressed about.
The first thing I drew from watching this video was how truthful it was. Yes, it was quite humorous watching it, but it was true about both the men and women. There are boxes in a man’s mind. The rule is that the boxes do not touch. When a man talks about something he has to dig deep into his mind to find that one specific box, while only discussing what is in that one specific box. Then the box is closed, not to be opened again for a while. Women are very different about how their brains are. Women’s brains are attached and connected to everything. He says that women’s brains are “driven by emotion.” He said that is why women can remember more things and events than men. Men do the same process, just not as often. I thought this was right on track. I know that’s how my brain works. The speaker also talks about how women care about everything. For example, he explains how men don’t like to talk about when they are stressed out while women always want to. Everywhere you go today, or even at home you see the women of the household talking about their problems. As well as the video being truthful, I also found that it helped me understand the way the male and female work. Next, I realized how the brains of men and women commonly work. Once again, the speaker used humor to explain this. The “Nothing Box” is their favorite. That is why men can just sit there doing nothing all day. University of Pennsylvania did a study that men have the power to think about absolutely nothing and still breathe. The mind of a man is short and sweet. He doesn’t like to talk about much, and avoids many different topics that he doesn’t want to talk about, and tries to stay away from them as much as possible. The woman on the other hand, likes to talk about literally everything. Although I hate to admit it, I feel that it is true at times. I always like to talk about what is on my mind. Stress is also something that is different in women versus men’s brain. Men don’t like to talk about stress. However, women want to talk about it, figure it out and get in the man’s brain of what he could possibly be stressed about. The author, Mr. Gunger says that women have to talk about stress or their brain will explode! That’s so true.
To conclude, I feel that this video, “Men and Women’s Brains” by Mark Gunger is very funny but educational at the same time. I like how Mr. Gunger can be informative about men and women’s brains, but at the same time he is humorous in the way he presents the information.

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