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MY LEARNING PORTFOLIO- How I apply learning experiences in my life


Until early last century Pedagogy was widely advocated as the foundation of all education, irrespective of the age group or subject area being taught. The word itself is from ancient Greek ‘paidagageo’ meaning literally ‘to lead the child’. Rote learning was a small part of pedagogy, which conditioned the learner for a known outcome or answer, however one in which there was no variables. It wasn’t until the two World Wars and the industrial revolution, that the practice of adult teaching became accepted as having different methodologies from pedagogy.

Many adults that undertake learning do so in the knowledge that they bring different life experiences into the medium, however these experiences can draw in environmental and motivational factors that could become barriers in the absorption of the content. Elton, M (1949) and his studies into the Hawthorn experiments conducted from 1924-1932, provides an example of the increase in productivity (learning or motivation) being attributed to the interest being shown in the individual. From my limited experience within an adult learning environment, I see the Hawthorn effect as a practice example of adult learning, whereby the tutor (employer) engages with, shows interest in and motivates the individual for productivity or knowledge gains. In centuries past, the learning experience was very much one-way communication, however with the advent of adult trainers being a profession, the onus is on interaction and engagement between both parties.

In conclusion, I believe that adult learning is at the most critical juncture of its existence. It knows no boarders and is driven by the consumer. It is focussed on a hybrid model of recognition and driven by information technology.


Bruner, J (1966, p.72) adeptly states “the

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