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+ Adjective + Fall

Dramatic fall (adjective + noun) = a quick and large drop. v + adv=fall dramatically
Rapid fall (adjective + noun) = a quick and large drop. v + adv=fall rapidly Marked fall (adjective + noun) = a significant decrease; a larger and more important drop when compared to a previous fall. v + adv=fall markedly
Significant fall (adjective + noun) = a large and important drop.
A fall that shows that there is reason for concern. v + adv=fall significantly Moderate fall (adjective + noun) = a small or slight drop; not a bad fall. v + adv=fall moderately
Slight fall (adjective + noun) = a small or moderate drop; not a bad fall. v + adv=fall slightly

Sharp fall (adjective + noun) = a quick and sudden drop. v + adv=fall sharply
Sudden fall (adjective + noun) = a quick and unexpected drop, especially after long period of increase. v + adv=fall suddenly

Gradual fall (adjective + noun) = a slow decrease over a long period. v + adv=fall gradually

+ Adjective + Increase

Gradual increase (adjective + noun) = a small, constant increase over a long period. v + adv=increase gradually
Steady increase (adjective + noun) = a consistent increase over a long period.

Moderate increase (adjective + noun) = a small increase or rise.
Slight increase (adjective + noun) = a small increase or rise.

Sharp increase (adjective + noun) = a quick and steep increase or rise.
Steep increase (adjective + noun) = a quick and sharp increase or rise.

Significant increase (adjective + noun) = a stronger and more important rise, especially when compared to the previous increases.=marked increase

+ Describing Position

Highest level (in,for) = the top position; the highest point.
Peak (verb) = reach the highest position. Peaked, peaking
Reach a peak (verb + noun) = achieve the highest position. Reached a peak, reaching a peak.
Stand at (ph) = the position something is at a certain time. Stands at, stood at, standing at.
Lowest level (in,for)= the bottom position; the lowest point.

+ Nouns of Movement

(in) Decline (noun) (verb)= a down movement, a decrease or fall.=Decrease, Drop, Fall, Reduction
Fluctuation (noun) = a repeated up and down movement over a period of time. v=Fluctuate
Improvement (noun) = a recovery; the state of getting better.
Recovery (noun) = an improvement; the state of getting better. (stronger than improvement)
Increase (noun) (verb)= a higher movement.=rise
Plateau (noun) = the state of staying at the same level over a period of time, especially after a period of increase.=level off
Plateau (verb) = to stay at the same level over a period of time, especially after increasing significantly.
Level off (phrasal verb) = to stay the same over a time, especially after a period of increase. Levels off, leveling off, leveled off

+ Recover + Adverb

Recover slightly (verb + adverb) = to improve a small amount. Recovered slightly, recovering slightly.
Recover strongly (verb + adverb) = to improve by a large amount after having fallen previously.
Recovered strongly, recovering strongly.

+ Trends

Downward trend (adjective + noun) = the overall up and down movement of something over a long period of time in a down direction.
Upward trend (adjective + noun) = the overall up and down movement of something over a long period of time in an up direction.

+ Verbs of Movement

Bottom out (phrasal verb) = to remain at the lowest level for a period of time. Bottoming out, bottomed out.
Lowest level = the bottom position; the lowest point.
Double to (verb) = to increase by two times over a period.
Fluctuate (verb) = to move up and down repeatedly over a period of time. Fluctuated, fluctuating, fluctuates.
Level off (phrasal verb) = to stay the same over a time, especially after a period of increase. Levels off, leveling off, leveled off
Plateau (verb) = to stay at the same level over a period of time, especially after increasing significantly. Plateaued.
Plummet (verb) = to fall a long way in a short time.=dramatic fall, rapid fall Plummeting, plummeted, plummets.
Soar (verb) = to increase to a high level in a very short time=sharp increase, steep increase Soared, soaring, soars.

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