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How Do You Analyze the Potential Long-Term Impact of Technology? Trenten Thompson
Rasmussen College

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This research is being submitted on March 22, 2013, Drew Blom’s N150/COT1438 Section 07 Technology's Role in the 21st Century

How Do You Analyze the Potential Long-Term Impact of Technology?
Technology in the world is always changing. This includes technology in the gaming world. The Xbox 360 has been around for about 10 years, and Microsoft has decided to release another system. The gaming system is going to be called the Xbox 720 and this system will be coming out sometime this year. It has been said the Xbox 720 is possibly going to incorporate many new things into the system, such as a bigger memory space, an active internet connection, and better graphics. The CPU (Durango) of the Xbox 720 is estimated to have a total of about eight core processors, identical to previous rumors that have been stated, with each core processor running at 1.6 GHz. Compared to the Xbox 720 its rival the PlayStation 4 runs on eight x86-64 bit "Jaguar" core processors. The Durango is designed to help developers achieve the most powerful CPU. This meaning developers can actually concentrate on not just the content but the features as well. Keep in mind I’m not exactly sure if this information is true, but if it is it will change gaming (Lucci, 2013). I will now get into more features on the Xbox 720, for example some of the new updates. I have to be honest the internet connection was never really the best on the Xbox 360, because I would either lag out of my game or the updates would make me sign out, and force me to update, or I couldn't connect to Xbox live. Well there is no need to worry about either one of these things now, because the Xbox 720 will “always maintain a network connection” and also will not require waiting for a restart or...

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