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Year Round School Benefits

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Jim Ryun a incredibly successful track and field athlete once said, “Motivation is what gets you started, [but] habits keep you going”. This is true for a lot of things; sports, eating habits, and academic habits. But it is almost impossible to keep up a steady academic habit over summer break. You are surrounded by distractions and the next school year seems like decades away. After all you have nothing but time on your hands. Consequently you lose 2.6 months of math over summer because you didn’t practice any positive habits. With year round schooling you would get the benefits of coming to school, the knowledge of last years learning, and longer winter spring and fall breaks. A year round schedule is the best possible way for teachers and administrators to insure the mental and physical health of all students. Some children depend on the benefits they are given at school to thrive. More than 30 million children are forced to take advantage of the free or reduced prices for lunches given at school for those that come from low income households. This might be there only nutritious meal of the whole day. What happens to those children on the three month long break from their best source of food. With a year round schedule, children are able to get meals over the summer, instead of going hungry. Also most low income …show more content…
Teachers do look forward to summer break just like kids do. But why not just have them work year round. A year round schedule wouldn't increase the number of days a teacher works. Teachers would still get the same number of vacation days, they would just be a little more spread out. And the teacher’s paycheck won’t change or increase which saves the school money if they plan to implement a year round schedule. Contrary to common knowledge a teacher’s pay check does not change over the summer. Teachers receive the same amount each month, no matter the

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