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Yearly Schooling

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Is Yearly Schooling Beneficial to Students?
Among Schoolchildren, by Tracy Kidder, could not be summed up by describing a fifth grade classroom in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Kidder has underlying messages about education that is placed in the characters experiences throughout the book. The author does not only show how the teacher interacts with the students, but how she reacts to different situations she encounters throughout the school year. Whether the encounters are horrible or joyful, Mrs. Zajac, the fifth grade school teacher, comes in everyday ready to teach her students. Although Kidder did not write this book to say what should or what should not be implicated into public schools, but readers can understand that he is devising questions about public education and what it does and does not accomplish. Year-round schooling is an important factor in an elementary school child’s success. Choosing year-round schooling for students can increase individual achievement, but also promotes stability in a child’s life, allows for remediation when called for, and increases retention rates.
In the United States, the school systems are operated on a 10-month program. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees that the 10-month system is efficient for every student. Many believe that the only way to get results from students is for them to be in school for a longer period of time. Having a year-round system, schools are in session for 180 days within the year and have shorter breaks. Allowing for students to be in a school environment for a longer period of time allows for an increase in retention rates. When students have longer breaks in the winter, spring, and summer, they tend to forget lessons and key concepts on what they learned in school. In Among Schoolchildren, Holyoke, Massachusetts would not be referenced as a rich, safe, and friendly environment. The fifth graders…...

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