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Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln was one of the smartest person to be president. His learning curve was amazing our country in 1860 needed a leader that leader had to be Abraham Lincoln because he was that good. If Lincoln wasn’t selected nobody would know him as he was as a president. Lincoln projective was to save this union, and then deal with freeing the slaves. He did all that by dealing with Emancipation Proclamation. Abraham did not advocate the blacks. Abraham had said “not only should blacks not be slaves they should be treated as equal citizens with full enfranchise mode to fold and rights to participate.” By 1864, he had understand the strategy by the war contra basses, he understand how to use the navy, his order to grant where packable. Abraham Lincoln was a president that was in progress. The war between the North and the South had to deal with slavery, destruction of slavery and the after math of slavery. God gave America this problem and we have to solve this problem. Mathew: 18 says “sometimes it is necessary for some whoa to come to people.” Lincoln wanted to fight the civil war in his own terms. His announcement Emancipation Proclamation appears in harbor weakly this act will never be forgotten. His speech at Gettysburg of the soldiers which he is best remembered. “Four scoring seven years ago our father brought fourth upon this continent a new nation conceive to liberty and dedicated to the proposition.” The Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 where in rebellion would be ever free. The slaves were being used by the confederate by digging trenches as cooks and hospital attendance. Lincoln had made twenty-four thousand miles of railroads with troops and supplies from north. He sent south troops to go to the north to battle in 1863. Now it’s called the north vs south war due to the weapons in the train carts. The south delivers a decisive blow.

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