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Youth Involvement In Gangs

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The main idea of this source is to present five new studies being conducted on youth gangs. A broader developmental perspective, underscoring the need for ongoing inquiry linking the heretofore separate literature on youth gangs and antisocial peer influences from criminology and developmental science (201). Gangs have been present in America for decades. All through only in recent years are local and national observation studies showing gangs growing at an increasingly rapid rate. This section discusses the full range of youth involvement in gangs, from their entry to the significant amounts of activities that occur during their involvement to their disengagement. Understanding the complexity as to why youth join gangs is very critical and

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...that have a common name or common identifying sign or symbol, form an allegiance for a common purpose and engage in unlawful or criminal activity (Hess 2010). In the United States there are large number of Filipino gang membership around the Southern California region (SoCal) and generally the entire West Coast region. Due to their Hispanic culture they are more assimilated with other Latino gangs. There are thousands of Filipino gang members which mostly center around the California region, Chicago, New York, and Miami. They represent a diverse array of backgrounds and affiliations with some being with the Bloods, Crips, Sureños, Norteños, Peoples, and Folks.  A number of gangs in the Philippines are known to be active around the nation, the majority being centered in Manila with locations in and around the general Metro Manila region. One of the most infamous areas in the City is Tondo, Manila. Tondo is known to be the "Hub" of Gangs in the region, with the majority of street gangs being located in this district. Apart from a very large number of local street gangs, there are a number of organized gangs among the Philippines (Yahoo Phil.). In general, there are gangs located in the Philippines that deal in organized crime and follow a general hierarchy. These gangs can be linked to certain families or...

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...recreational opportunities and was successful for many years. In Scarborough, a program known as YELL provides employment and leadership training over the course of 40 weeks to older youth and young adults who did not earn a high school diploma. Boys and Girls Clubs of Niagara operate an emergency shelter for homeless and at risk youth, and nearly 70% were able to transition to stable housing over the course of a 22 month period. Finally, the Peace Builders program was offered at 23 Boys and Girls Clubs in Alberta with the goal of teaching youth peaceful, non-violent conflict resolution. Nearly 90% of...

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...Why Youths Join Gangs and How to Prevent it from Happening Reaver J Childers Liberty University CJUS 310-B02 Professor Godwin Abstract Have you ever been watching the news and heard the news reporter say, “A young man was shot and killed outside of a corner store. It has been reported that he was a part of a known gang, referred to as the Crips. He was shot by a rivalry gang member.” Do you ever wonder what provokes a juvenile to want to join a gang? There are a lot of parents who ask this question after hearing about someone else’s child or their own child becoming a part of something so horrible. There are so many parents in the world who are losing their children to gangs. The gangs are coming into the communities and praying on what is considered to be the “weak ones.” The “weak-ones” are the ones who seems to be lacking something in their lives, and the only way they know how to fill that void or to get what they are looking for is by joining a gang. The gang gives them status, love, trust, attention, and most of all, it gives them an opportunity to have all the things that they think are important. They find all that they are missing without thinking about the consequences of being affiliated with such groups. This isn’t new to our society; youth gangs have been around for more than 150 years. The youth gangs have grown larger and bolder since the beginning of their time. This paper will discuss why so many youths join gangs...

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...The RCMP is also involved in combating gang activity and in preventing youth from joining gangs. One of the RCMP's five strategic priorities is to reduce youth involvement in crime, with current priority issues being bullying, youth radicalization, and drugs and alcohol. The goal of the RCMP is to support sustainable responses that are consistent with the Youth Criminal Justice Act while focusing on early intervention and youth engagement. The RCMP increases youth awareness through programs such as school based prevention initiatives, community engagement, youth consultation, and youth-police partnerships while also intervening with young offenders through extra-judicial measures and restorative justice approaches. Many schools in RCMP jurisdictions...

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...Peacekeeper, which is a problem oriented policing program in Stockton, CA and the Gang Reduction Program (GRP) found in Richmond, VA. Both of these programs aim to reduce youth gang violence and gang crime. Operation Peace keeper also aims to reduce gang involvement, along with gang violence by conveying to young gang members, or those at risk of becoming gang members the severe and dire consequences of gang violence. Operation Peace keeper delivers its message through the use of youth outreach workers who are familiar with the streets and the challenges these youth face. Youth outreach workers serve as mentors and role models and make sure youth understand the consequences of gang activity and inform the youth that there are other positive routes in life versus gang involvement. Operation Peacekeeper has reduced very positive results gun homicides decreased by 35% between 1997-2002. Prior to the intervention there were 2.9 gun homicides the monthly average then dropped to 1.9 during the intervention. After the peace keeper intervention ended there was a slight increase in gun homicides with the monthly average being 2.1, which was still a significant reduction....

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...Introduction Gangs have been around for over a hundred years. In the late 1800’s to 1930’s there were a lot of famous people known for their association with gangs, some are Jesse James, Billy the Kid, and Al Capone. There have been many movies about gangs and in the movies make it seem like being part of a gang is really cool, but in reality there are many risks with being part of a gang. This paper will discuss three articles discussing the risks of gangs. Article 1: “Why Do Youth Join Gangs? The Problem, Risks, and Attraction to Gang Life” This article discusses the increase in gangs across Canada. Most gangs in Canada are adult gangs, however there is an increase in youth gangs and problems arising in the community. The article further describes specific things that they believe attract youth to join gangs at an early age. This article addresses five characteristics that can cause youth to join gangs. They are poor school...

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...useful in the identification of the proportion of youth in the community who claim gang membership or who are at high risk for gang membership. School-level data and information from school staff are vital to rounding out the picture of gang activity in the community. This chapter provides guidance on collecting data on the following:    Student characteristics and disciplinary actions School-aged youths’ perceptions of gangs and gang activity (student survey) School staff perspectives on gang activity on campus Prevalence of Gangs in Schools In the mid-1990s, 28 percent of the national sample of students reported that gangs were present in their schools (Chandler, Chapman, Rand, and Taylor, 1998). This number dropped to 17 percent in 1999 and then increased to 24 percent in 2005, almost the level reported a decade earlier (Dinkes, Cataldi, Kena et al., 2006). Thus respondents to the national survey of students reported a decrease in gang activity in the late 1990s and an increase in the opening years of this century. Impact of Gangs in Schools Where they have a substantial community presence, youth gangs are linked with serious delinquency problems in elementary and secondary schools across the United States (Chandler, Chapman, Rand, and Taylor, 1998). This study of data gathered in the School Crime Supplement to the 1995 National Crime Victim Survey documented several examples. First, there is a strong correlation between gang presence in schools and between both guns and availability...

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...The Boys & Girls Clubs of America Targeted Outreach Strategic Approaches primary approach to gang prevention is to identify and recruit at-risk youth and place them into ongoing Club programs and activities (Boys & Girls Clubs of America, 2008). The Boys & Girls Clubs of America offer health and life skills, sports fitness and recreation and tutoring (Boys & Girls Clubs of America, 2008). The programs and activities of the Club help to develop at-risk youth’s character, creativity, and health and mental skills. In addition, the Targeted Outreach program’s receives referrals from schools, courts, law enforcement, and community youth agencies (Boys & Girls Clubs of America, 2008). These referrals immediately identify at-risk youth for joining gangs. A comprehensive strategy to today’s gang problems incorporates both prevention programs and treatment strategies. Guiding principles are the objectives that the builder of a treatment strategy seeks to achieve (Hess & Drowns, 2004). The guiding principles of a treatment strategy for gang members will develop the framework for structuring the foundation of the core values and philosophies necessary for correcting gang member delinquency. Four guiding principles to be used during the development of an effective treatment strategy for gang members are: 1) encourage compliance with the conditions of probation and drug and alcohol programs; 2) identify and address risk factors for delinquent behaviors and actions in individual, group, and...

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...brotherhood and a place to belong. A special bond is formed between fraternity brothers. They will be there and will do almost anything for each other. Whether these set of friends make or break the student’s academic career, maybe hard to differentiate if a member is having too much fun. It sometimes depends on the individuals on how they will handle their selves as they join fraternities. But regardless, a fraternity is like any other group: what you get out of it depends on who you are and how you handle it .The problem focused on the involvement population/students in fraternities. Presently, the school/community does not recognize the presence of fraternities in the campus/population and have implied rules concerning this matter. But then, even with rules and policies regarding fraternities, still many students/community are involved and are joining different fraternities .Thus, this research regarding the factors influencing the involvement of students/population in fraternities will be conducted. The relationship between variables is presented in the paradigm that following. Types of fraternities The only true distinction...

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...Living in a small community one does not expect to see gang activity. You say to yourself not here, this is not a city with a large population nor is there easy access to guns, drugs, poverty, etc. some of the conditions to bring gang activity into the area. A youth gang is ‘”commonly known as a self-formed association of peers having the following characteristics: three or more members ,aged 12-24, a gang name and some sense of identity ,generally indicated by symbols such as clothing style, graffiti and hand signs, so degree of permanence and organization, and an elevated level of involvement in delinquent and/or criminal activity”. ( Youth gangs even though considered uniquely American they also are in other countries as well. Gangs have been around for a long time, “In England in the 1600’s London was terrorized by organized gangs that called themselves the “Hectors”” Bugles”, “Dead Boys,” and other colorful names Even today, with the mention of the word gang one begins to see images of black jacket youths roaming the city streets bearing such names as the Latin Kings, MS-13, bloods, crips just to name a few of the many that are around,” (Siegel) Unfortunately, the growing with increase of Broadway shows, books, films and other media it has glorified being in a gang as well as popularized it as well. You ask yourself the questions why do these gangs exist and why do our children join them so easily? The answers to these questions I found...

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