Zodiac Killer

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Deanna Brooks
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March 22, 2012

The Zodiac Killer
The Zodiac Killer is as unknown today as he was in the 1970's. It is said that the Zodiac killer is Arthur Allan, though we cannot in any way prove this theory. The zodiac killer was a murderer that seemed to have a serious mental condition, which needed treating, but appears as if he could not control it.
The Zodiac killer is a man that committed a series of murders during 1930’s to about the 1970’s. To plainly put it he was a serial killer. Many have wondered if he was locked up in jail somewhere or sitting back waiting to strike again, he would be very old if this was the case. There are many accounts of the murders. Though some people ended up changing their story, or too much happened and they are still in shock so they have trouble remembering, or they could be trying to block the memory. In most of his killings it seems to be the same, a young couple, kills the girl completely, but leaves the guy just, enough to talk to the police then he dies. I think this means he wants someone to still be able to talk about him. There was one account I read about where he did not kill anyone, Butterfield stated that, He writes letters to the police and the have to unscramble it. He seems to put a lot of time into his letters and his killings, in other words a “psycho-path”. The zodiac killer a time seems to have a moment of sanity and some letters had asked for help, but those moments did not last long, it was clear though that he could not handle himself anymore. For some reason with these murders he would call in to report the murder, and sometimes would give the police enough time to track the phone but would be gone before they arrived. I think he loved the attention these murders brought him, because he would allow one of the victims to be able to give an account of what happened…...