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Zora Neale Hurston Sweat Analysis

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Over the course of this class and reading black literature from the Renaissance, from Authors such as Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston, I have noticed a theme that has a reoccurring pattern. The pattern consist of the African American women had not being completely emancipated in small towns. From slavery to this present day, African American women are given impossible and uncomfortable tasks such as; keeping their families together, maintaining their own sanity despite being treated like chattel, and to support their men who is denied key ingredients such as masculinity, due to what slave owners had done to the black man’s wife and daughter. Upon slavery ending it was impossible for just a man to care for the family with just one job …show more content…
How can Ah git through by Sat’day if Ah don’t start on Sunday?” The clothing in "Sweat" is representative from numerous points of view. The way that Delia is a washerwoman speaks to women's history of hard, difficult, and exceptionally troublesome work. This thought of women and labor is particularly valid, especially African-American women and domestic labor in the American South. Delia's better half Skye, steps all over the garments, demonstrating his hatred for her activity and for her, despite the fact that her "job" pays for their home. This shows his lack of paying attention to her and their life together. The mess Skye’s makes with his clothing also represents the mess in their marriage. Where he doesn't care nor appreciate what she does or how hard she works to clean his clothes. Whereas for her, she tries her hardest to keep thing nice and clean for him …show more content…
I would teach you right from wrong.” As the older women realize who he i and how old he is, she becomes affectionate towards the boy. He could have been her son. While in the short story it is not mentioned if the women has a son or not, it is very clear her motherly intuition came out. She went from being upset with him to having sympathy for him, like a mother who is about to whoop her child but soon realizes the mistake the child made is not worth it. She feels as though she has the ability to teach him wrong from right, putting her in a mother/guardian position

While reading the four different stories, I realized how much gender roles switched. It allows the audience and I to take a closer look at how comfort, love, advice, and the overall women ties into the African American women. How much pain and sweat the African American woman endures with no one to applaud her for her effort. While the African American male gets to slack off and everyone has an excuse for why he is the way he is. It really shows how the African American man needed the Black women. Without the African Americans love, comfort, and advice, there would not be a Black

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