Non Traditional Marketing

  • Traditional and Non-Traditional Litigation Paper

    Traditional and Non-Traditional Litigation Paper LAW/531 Traditional and Non-Traditional Litigation Paper Over the past few years the United States economy and workforce has undergone some drastic and critical changes, which has put a significant amount of focus on what is considered fair and just. Many of the changes that American people have experienced, in recent years, has fueled a variety of disputes and kept our court system

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  • Traditional and Non Traditional Business Law

    Traditional and Non-traditional Litigation Traditional and Non Traditional Litigation The litigation process is the bringing, maintaining, and

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  • Preservation of Traditional Medicines

    Preservation of Traditional Medicines The people of Canada have been fortunate to be able to experience a somewhat free health care system, yet there are still many problems to be addressed with this system. For example, one issue would be to understand why Indigenous people and communities have limited access to health care. This is true especially in the northern and more isolated communities. However the people of these communities have survived through thousands of years with the use of

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  • Traditional and Non-Traditional Litigation

    Traditional and non-traditional litigation Glenda Jones Law 531 December 13, 2012 Dr. Yolanda Nimmer-Williams Traditional and non-traditional litigation Week, one objective is to compare and contrast traditional and non-traditional litigation. The legal resolution in the United States are divided into two types know as judicial dispute resolutions and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). When individuals or institutions have disputes, it is good to develop innovative tactics to

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  • Non-Maleficence

    has a brain disease that is already slowing up his cognition? Then you medicate him with meds that are doing the same that means you are responsible for father damage to that child. I feel it shouldn’t matter if the patient is a child or an adult the doctor still should use his best judgment and that would be don’t give the patient any meds at all or diagnose the patient. So I feel the doctor did the right thing in this scenario. The word I chose was Non-maleficence I chose this word because

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  • Loss of Centeredness Meant Non-Western Cultures Suddenly Found That They Were Defined as Outposts of New Colonial Empires Developed by Europeans, Resulting in the Weakening of Traditional Cultural Practices, Political Leadership, and Social Systems.

    brought with them, as they were unable to fight off the disease, leaving millions of Africans to die. Loss of centeredness meant non-Western cultures suddenly found that they were defined as outposts of new colonial empires developed by Europeans, resulting in the weakening of traditional cultural practices, political leadership, and social systems.

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  • Traditional and Non Traditional Litigations

    Traditional and Non Traditional Litigation Law 531 Tarun Adams The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast the traditional litigation system with the nontraditional forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Traditional Litigation is defined as “The process of bringing, maintaining, and defending a lawsuit is called litigation. This is also called judicial dispute resolution because courts are used to decide the case.” Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is defined

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  • Non-Europeans

    Johnny Quenan 11/18/12 Persuasive Essay Can non-Europeans be trusted to keep our own country alive? I say that they are trustworthy. Despite all the immigration of the non-Europeans, we have survived and prospered as a country. Also, there are many non-Europeans that are very strong in the political field. Take Barack Obama for example. He beat George W. Bush in the 2008 polls, and since then he has made some improvements to the U.S. Some examples of those are ending the war in Iraq, which

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  • Non-Violence

    Martin Luther King once said that “non-violence is a just and powerful weapon; a sword that heals; it cuts without wounding and ennobles the man who wields it.” Nov violence is more effective than violent confrontations in the fight for justice, fairness and equality. The use of violence to fight for justice in most cases escalate to the point where the fighters remaining agenda is vengeance, victory and self-defense. When violence is the tool for getting justice, any moral arguments of the

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  • Non-Profit Marketing

    | MARKETING FOR A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION By: Ahmed Alhalal, Charles Hazzard, Dreu dixon, Faisal Al Mubayedh, Kelly Walker April 11, 2013 Introduction to Engineering Management- 2111-001 MARKETING FOR A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION By: Ahmed Alhalal, Charles Hazzard, Dreu dixon, Faisal Al Mubayedh, Kelly Walker April 11, 2013 Introduction to Engineering Management- 2111-001 | EXECUTIVE SUMMARY At the start of this project, our team was given a special opportunity to develop a

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  • Traditional and Non-Traditional

    Week 1: Traditional and Non-traditional LAW 531 Introduction Disputes are inevitable in the business world but how a company handles these disputes can determine the profitability of the company. The traditional litigation system has some similarities and differences from non-traditional forms of Alternative Dispute Resolutions; also known as ADR. First litigation is the process of a lawsuit. The traditional litigation system can be very expensive and time

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  • Growth of Non-Profit Marketing

    Growth of non-profit marketing. Marketing it is a process of developing plan for the needs of a customer. Non-profit marketing it is activities and strategies that are used by a non-profit organization. Non-profit marketing plan is a part of an organization strategic plan. It requires organization target, competitors and programmers. Non-profit organization helps to give the message of the organization. It is also donation and call for volunteers. It exposes the organization to an outside

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  • Higher Education with Non-Traditional Students

    Higher Education With Non-Traditional Students Raymond Barnes 4/24/13 INFT - 101 - D45 Module / Week 6 Summary Today as more and more adults are deciding to further their education the focus has turned to how they learn and why their returning to school in the classroom or online. With this in mind instructors today need to try to adapt to the non-traditional student, instead of the other way around. Helping instructors, theorists have been coming up with ways to measure and test how

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  • Non-Cooperative

    A game theory consists of a model that can help us understand how managers, investors and other related parties deal with economic consequences of financial reporting. There are many different types of games, such as cooperative and non-cooperative. The model that will be discussed in this report is on non-cooperative. A game theory consists of an interaction between two or more players. Each player is assumed to maximize their expected utility (profit). Most of the time, this interaction

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  • To What Extent Do You Agree That One-to-One Marketing Will Replace Traditional Market Segmentation Methods

    To what extent do you agree that one-to-one marketing will replace traditional market segmentation methods. Market segmentation may be defined as the identification of individuals or organizations with similar characteristics that have significant implications for the determination of marketing strategy. Its object is to identify groups of customers with similar requirements so that they can be served effectively while being of a sufficient size for the product or service to be supplied

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  • Traditional and Non-Traditional Families

    Topic; Non-traditional families are becoming the new normal in the United States. Discuss and compare the traditional family and non-traditional families. Family pattern has changed greatly due to industrialization and urbanization since the nineteenth century. Another factor which has been involved in those changes is the growing intervention of the state, by legislative action, in the domestic affairs of the family. As a result of these trends, the modern “nuclear” family has been

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  • The Evolution of Non Traditional Families

    College Education vs. Technical Training - College Education vs. Technical Training A few years ago, the DeVry technical institute released a commercial that compared two brothers in their educational pursuits. The younger brother started school at DeVry and graduated in two years. The older brother had chosen college and was still stuck in his dorm room studying history while his younger brother worked on the future. The question this commercial presented was obvious, why waste all that time in

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  • Then Challenges of Being a Non-Traditional Student

    Professor 17 February 2014 Then Challenges of being a Non-Traditional Student When graduating high school it is expected that collage is the next step. The longer you wait to start collage the harder the transition. The level of input you have to put into collage is greatly different than that of high school. The studying time has to doubles. The time spent in and out of the classroom has to somehow balance out with the amount of time spent in the work force. Children can be a factor at

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  • Traditional Skinheads

    Traditional Skinheads Skinheads have long been a controversial topic but few outside of the scene know the true history of Skinheads and can tell the difference between a Tradskin and a neo-Nazi bonehead. Born out of British working class youths in the late sixties Skinheads had a passion for music, football and pride. Today Traditional Skinheads stay true to the non-racist and non-political values of the Skinheads of the sixties before the Nazi movement hijacked the culture and changed

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  • Balancing Values, Responsibilities and School for a Non-Traditional Student

    Balancing Values, Responsibilities and School for a Non-Traditional Student Jwendoline Hernandez Foundation for General Education and Professional Success GEN/200 April 28, 2014 Jillian Folger Values and Responsibilities Everyone at a very young age has values and responsibilities instilled in them. They are life lessons, principles and rules we are expected to live by. Ranging from how to live, what is right from wrong, how to treat ourselves and one another. Notwithstanding, as each

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  • Non Traditional Fundraising

    you employ. Post your final answer as a Microsoft Word attachment The first form of non-traditional fund raising is Crowd funding which is the collection of finance from backers or the "crowd" to help fund an organization and usually occurs on the internet. The organization could be a nonprofit campaign (e.g. to raise funds for a school or social service organization), or a charitable campaign like an emergency fund for a sick person. Crowd funding models involve a variety of participants

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  • Traditional Skills

    When a country develops its technology, the traditional skills and ways of life die out. It is pointless to try and keep them alive. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? Due to the development of technology, many traditional skills die out and it has become a heated debate whether we should try to keep them alive. Although, it is beneficial to replace some skills, from my perspective, I disagree with the opinion that all long-established skills are

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  • Traditional Knowledge

    easily searched and retrieved whereas non-patent literature prior art may be scattered diversely. Therefore, TKDL serves as a more easily accessible non-patent literature database that deals with traditional knowledge subject matter. Tool for active research 7. It has potential to act as a bridge between modern science, modern medicines and Traditional Knowledge, and can be used for international advanced research based on information on Traditional Knowledge for developing novel drugs. In fact

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  • Context and Traditional Marketing

    explain how the context for traditional marketing is different than the context for social marketing? The quality and effectiveness of marketing offers can be improved by delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. This can only be achieved through – context marketing. Such information is essential in marketing across all spaces—traditional and social. Context for traditional marketing is often more static, shows or tells the consumer the message, is sometimes

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  • Non-Profit

    Non-profit medical group Saint Thomas Physician Services (STPS) is a medical group based in Nashville, TN. STPS forms part of the Saint Thomas Health Network (STHS), which in turn belongs to one of the largest Catholic and non-profit systems in the United States, Ascension Health. Sources of revenue STPS is made of approximately 150 physicians who practice under one of the main two groups housed under STPS, Baptist Healthcare Group (BHG) and Saint Thomas Heart (STHT). While BHG houses

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  • Beyond Traditional Marketing

    Beyond Traditional Marketing Prepered By: Dipali Parmar and Harsh Pandya Dept. of Business Administration, Faculty of Management., Bhavnagar University Bhavnagar Content of Abstract:Introduction:Every marketing manager needs to know about marketing in today‟s competitive markets. Beyond traditional marketing means now a days there are introduce many new technologies for the purpose of marketing. For instance, web assessment-measuring the effectiveness of electronic commerce site, Direct

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  • Red Bull: Building Brand Equity in a Non-Traditional Way

    RED BULL: BUILDING BRAND EQUITY IN A NON-TRADITIONAL WAY BY: KAMARUL ARIFFIN NADHIRAH NOORAZLIN BINTI ANI INTRODUCTION 1985 Improves physical endurance Stimulates metabolism and helps eliminates waste substances Improves overall feeling of wellbeing Improves reaction speed and concentration Increase mental alertness Word-OfMouth Sampling Program Event Sponsorship Point-OfPurchase Athlete Endorser Advertisement Controlled All Aspects Of

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  • Law531Contrast and Compare Traditional Litigation with Non-Traditional Litigation

    Running head: OPTION 1 Compare and Contrast traditional litigation with non-traditional Option 1 Law/531 MJ Meade May 24, 2011 Judge Gregory P.Holder Society is familiar with litigation and its ramifications. One hires an attorney and files a lawsuit requiring the other to hire an attorney and defend the lawsuit. Litigation is expensive, time consuming, emotionally draining and unpredictable. With litigation, you never know the outcome until a judge or jury decides. Alternative

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  • Traditional Fallacy

    particularly the matter in less developed and modernized societies. The women of these societies are oppressed as they are not supported by their families for education, instead they are against it. They do not think it is necessary for a women to be educated, because according to the tradition women are obliged to support their families and raise children. Basically there duty is to perform well inside a household , and have nothing to do about what happens outside the house. This is a traditional

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  • Traditional Jeweleries

    Traditional [pic] Phuli (Nose Pin):- This is also old traditional nose jewellery. These nose jewelleries are made in different styles. Here we have three popular types- the stud, the nose ring and the septum. The nose stud which is called ‘phuli’ means little flower is worn on the left side of the nose and it can be simply a dot of gold or a small diamond. [pic] Tilahari:- This is also an old traditional Nepali ornament which is worn by married Hindu women. This is worn with different

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  • Non-Traditional Marketing

    Non-Traditional Marketing 1. Disney Parks The ads is about mimicking any movements that the other side is doing, so when someone is walking by this wall, there will be silhouette of his/her movements, but this time the one who’s mimicking are the Disney’s characters from Disney Park. The Plot : Before the mall open, they prepared the set to make it look like the usual store in mall. In lunch time, they begin with imitating people walking by the wall, at first people didn’t recognize

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  • Traditional Media Marketing: Use of Print Media

    has selected a printed material to view, they tend to stick to the flow of the content and do not have the ability to “click” through a string of miscellaneous articles as seen online. An effective print advertising campaign enhances the paid for content in a non-invasive way by promoting complimentary product or services that satisfy the needs of the medium’s target consumer. There are additional advantages to using print advertising as the medium to achieve marketing goals. Print advertising

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  • Traditional Events

    Celebration’ as a new mega event in 2006 and ‘Festive Hong Kong 2010’ as an annual tourism marketing platform in 2010. (Hong Kong Tourism Board PartnerNet, 2006; Right Vision News, 2010) Both are designed to encourage tourists to visit and experience the different types of traditional festivals and cultural celebrations that could only be found in Hong Kong. (Right Vision News, 2010) It has been announced that Bun Festival on Cheung Chau Island is a significant local cultural celebration and was

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  • Non-Current

    How to Value Tangible Non Current Assets How to value tangible non current assets “Valuing tangible non-current assets is subjective and complex and can therefore result in different companies valuing similar assets very differently.” Discuss this statement with specific regard to your knowledge of how tangible non-current assets   discussion. Valuing tangible non-current assets can be subjective and complicated. This essay explains it from two aspects, costs of PPE and depreciation

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  • Integrating Digital Marketing with Traditional Marketing

    Integrating Digital Marketing with Traditional Marketing Despite the vast changes in the marketing industry over the past twenty years and with online marketing being largely the dominating force, many basic marketing tactics still remain relevant today. One of them is traditional marketing. This method is very old school no doubt but very practical and very eminent. Before the era of internet, traditional marketing used to be the most effective with a very huge success rate. The methods of

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  • Non Profit

    the ethical values of each organizations and the issues each has gone through or is going through with solutions as to how to fix each issue. Introduction: When analyzing an organization one should know what type of organization it is. There are two types of organizations, Not-for-Profit (Non-Profit) and For-Profit. According to The Macquarie Dictionary, a Not-for-Profit organization is “formed for the purpose of providing goods or services, but not for the purpose of making profit.” A

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  • The Traditional Elements of the Marketing Mix Have Become Irrelevant in the Modern World

    Qs. “The traditional elements of the Marketing Mix have become irrelevant in the modern world”. Give your reasoned view, either agreeing or disagreeing with the above statement. (Do not to exceed three pages {font type Times New Roman, size 12} in your answer). Ans. “The traditional elements of the marketing mix have become irrelevant in the modern world”. I do agree with the above statement with the following reasons:- Though “4Ps” still popular on college syllabi, they are becoming less

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  • Non Selected

    innovation (3) technology change and manufacturing process innovation (4) marketing innovation (5) entry and exit of major firms (6) Changes in cost and efficiency (7) Changing social concerns, attitudes, and lifestyles Chap-4 *Identifying Company Resource Strengths & Competitive Capabilities (1)A skill or important expertise (2)Valuable physical assets (3)Valuable human assets (4)Valuable organizational assets (5)Valuable intangible assets (6)Competitive Capabilities (7)An achievement or attribute

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  • Conservative Party, Traditional Policies

    To what extent have the modern Conservative Party abandoned their traditional policies? Conservatism is a state of mind or political movement which is natural adverse to excessive change and reform and generally supports the retention of traditional values and institutes. The current Conservative government however is more in the centre rather than further to the right, due to the new tradition that emerged in the 1790’s, under Margaret Thatcher called New Right conservatism, or Thatcherism

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  • Non-Rivalry

    They have the two characteristics of public goods. Non-excludability. Once you provide flood defences for a city, everyone in that city will benefit and be protected. (People will be protected whether or not they have have contributed towards the cost). Non-rivalry. If you enjoy a city defended from rising flood waters, it doesn’t reduce the amount of flood defences for other people. (It’s not like eating emergency rations, which do reduce the amount available for other people.) Failure of

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  • Non Profit

    One day I hope to be able to create my own non-profit. The goal for this organization would be to open and maintain teaching hospitals in developing countries that suffer largely from the “brain- drain”. The brain drain is a phenomenon in which intelligent people that want an education leave their home country in search of a better life and prosperous education. These people would greatly benefit their native country if they could learn and practice medicine (often the occupation of choice

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  • Non-Conventional and Creative Marketing

    May 2014 Non-Conventional and Creative marketing Final Project – Foldable bags campaign Round Up The message we wanted to pursue with this campaign compiles itself in one phrase, -“small changes adds up to big changes”-. Our campaign literally brings to life our message. And at the same time gives a useful bag in a location where people are most likely to use it. A second giveaway will add interactivity to the experience; this will only be given on certain locations due to its use. For

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  • Traditional Psychology

    When reviewing and discussing Williams situation from the perspective of traditional psychology, I can't help but be focused first, on improving the problems that exist in Williams daily life that cause him to feel that his life is pointless. In Williams' case just from the reading, it would be safe to say that William needs help in improving these symptoms. According to the reading, William suffers from many different symptoms. These symptoms include rarely seeing his two daughter due to a

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  • Traditional Job

    What do you want to be when you grow up? We are asked this early in our lives, and we take two paths to arrive at the answer. The traditional career path is aligned with a hierarchal structure of the individual’s work organization. First, entry into the organization where promotion upward comes from; high performance - going above and beyond job duties, and last but not least length of tenure with the organization. The individual gains experience and learning skills based on what the job

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  • Traditional Litigation

    feels that justice has not been guaranteed. This is not similar in non-tradition where the decision is in the hand of the arbitrator unless there is a special provision in the ADR regulations” (Gonen, 2003). As the cost of litigation increases, more and more companies are searching for efficient and inexpensive ways to settle disputes. Non-traditional methods are referred to as alternative dispute resolutions. Non-Traditional dispute resolution could be something as simple as two

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  • Traditional Litigation

    Traditional litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) have become very popular in the business world today. Many companies have ensued in ADR to resolve disputes. One of the reasons companies have used ADR is because it is more cost effective than traditional litigation. Traditional litigation is used when the company and petitioner cannot come to an agreement on a settlement. Traditional litigation system is a system where the civil court is involved with the dispute and a trial

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  • Non Parental

    statistics raises the question to researchers who whether or not children in day care setting are at any advantages or disadvantages because of the time they spend most time away from home. Describing three different kinds of non-parental childcare and analyze the influences it may have in a child’s psychological, social and cognitive development. With today’s economy, many parents cannot afford childcare so they seeking for at homecare with a family member. The child may or may not being getting the

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  • Law 531 Contast and Compare Traditional Litigation with Non Traditional Litigation

    a dispute without engendering the bitterness that may destroy a business or personal relationship. * Protecting Confidential Information. Traditional litigation often results in public disclosure of proprietary information, particularly in commercial disputes. Although one party may seek a protective order restricting the other party's access to its trade secrets, the mere process of obtaining such an order subjects the confidential information to outside scrutiny. ADR procedures allow the

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  • Traditional and Nontraditional Litigation

    Traditional and Non-traditional Litigation In this paper I will compare and contrast traditional litigation systems to non-traditional forms of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution). Traditional litigation is where both parties use the court system to try to resolve their dispute, while ADR is the process of resolving a dispute outside of the court system. In this paper I will look at the pros and cons of using each type of litigation process. I will also look at the risk that business and

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  • Non-Profit

    Challenges of Managing Non-Profit Organizations There are different challenges a non-profit organization face, although I believe that these challenges are also faced by for profit organization at the same similar level. Trust is an issue that both non-profit and for profit organizations encounter at some point in their business, therefore transparency is very important. Transparency warrants organizations to provide clear statements of where their money goes, how it is utilized, and how it is

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