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  • Riordan Manufacturing Corporate Compliance Plan

    Riordan Manufacturing Corporate Compliance Plan Riordan Manufacturing has three operating sites; Georgia, Michigan and California. Riordan Manufacturing was founded by Dr. Riordan. With a background in chemistry; Dr. Riordan acquired numerous patents pertaining to creating plastic goods. This paper will focus on a corporate plan for Riordan Manufacturing. Riordan Manufacturing Corporate Compliance Plan will include managing the legal liability of officers and directors of Riordan

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  • Strategic Plan

    Strategic Plan, Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business Kimberley Miller Bridges BUS/475 October 20, 2012 David Akerman, II Strategic Plan, Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business Sabine Care Recreational Facility is a non-profit organization that serves the individuals, families, and community of the Sabine Parish area. This Agency is governed by a Board of Directors that is set in place to develop, implement, and enforce policies and procedures of the Board. These Policies and Procedures

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  • Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan

    Law/531 January 9, 2012 Ayodeji Badaki Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan As an international plastics manufacturer employing 550 workers and $46 million in projected annual revenues, Riordan Manufacturing Corporation is focused providing customer product solutions and promoting a climate that focuses on the long term viability of the company. An important part of providing customer product solutions is being able to establish long term relationships with clients. This means that the

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    Strategic Plan: Part II Strategic Plan: Part II * Organizing Actions is an organization that focuses on cleaning up and organizing businesses such as convenient stores and small-box retail chains. The reason for this service is to improve productivity and accountability for the managers. The business environment today has forces and trends that influence business decision-making and directional platforms. Individuals must determine how business strategies will continue to improve the

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  • Strategic Plan

    Strategic Plan, Part III: Balanced Scorecard BUS 475 Alicia Joseph May 7, 2012 James Sternieri – Instructor Strategic Plan, Part III: Balanced Scorecard 2 One may ask, “What is a Balanced Scorecard?” “A Balanced Scorecard is a tool that is used in management to completely monitor the performance and access whether smaller goals are consistent with larger and long-term goals, based on the vision and strategies being used” (Kaplan & Norton, 2005). This type of tool

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  • Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan

    and exceeding ISO 9000 standards define the attitude and abilities of Riordan Manufacturing. We are industry leaders in using polymer materials to provide solutions to our customer’s challenges. Our R&D is, and will remain, the industry leader in identifying industry trends.” Through a strategic corporate compliance plan, Riordan Manufacturing can build many improvements in the management. 2. Corporate Compliance Plan Overview Purpose of Compliance Plan The main purpose of creating a

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  • Strategic Plan

    planning strategic initiatives on how to increase sales. According to Starbucks’ 2011 annual report, it has joined forces with popular companies in an effort to increase profit. Forming a relationship with well -known companies, such as Courtesy Products and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters will open the doors to other opportunities previously unavailable to Starbucks. Courtesy Products sells Tazo tea and provides other coffee services to hotels, which results in a logical working

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  • Strategic Plan

    Strategic Plan Part 1 A Business I have always wanted to open is a diner that serves a little bit of everything. The main entrees my diner would serve would be the local favorites and cuisines from all over the United States. I would call my diner The One Stop Diner. At The One Stop Diner would serve all sorts of specialty dishes and cuisines. We would offer dishes from Cajun foods, which would include crawfish, Boudin, alligator, frog legs, red beans and rice, gumbo’s, jambalays, etouffee

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  • Production Plan for Riordan Manufacturing

    Production Plan for Riordan Manufacturing Falon McCoy, Jennifer Smith, and Maria Utting OPS/571 July 31, 2012 Robin Aoks Production Plan for Riordan Manufacturing Riordan Manufacturing is a global company that uses plastics injection moldings for the production of plastic fan parts, and plastic beverage containers. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Riordan factories also exist in Georgia, Michigan, and Hangzhou, China. The fortune 500 company has approximately 550 employees and

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  • Strategic Plan

    Financial Services Ombud Schemes Act Financial Services Provider Memorandum of Understanding National Credit Regulator Pension Funds Adjudicator Public Finance and Management Act Southern African Development Community South African Reserve Bank Securities Services Act 3 OVERALL STRATEGIC PLAN OF THE FINANCIAL SERVICES BOARD: 2010/11 TO 2012/13 1. INTRODUCTION The FSB came into existence in 1990 as an independent body to supervise and regulate the non-banking financial services industry in the

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  • Strategic Plan

    Strategic Plan 2010–2015 Strategic Plan 2010–2015 Foreword This Strategic Plan covers a period when Hong Kong is likely to experience major changes arising largely from the rapid development in the Mainland, both in its economy and international status. Our emphasis in the Strategic Plan on globalisation is a considered response to these changes. We seek to provide our graduates with the best career opportunities by anticipating and training for the rapid changes that lie ahead. The

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    Strategic Plan University of Phoenix MGT-498 Strategic Management Dr. George R. Monk May 01, 2013 Strategic Plan The purpose of this paper is to explain why it is important for Riordan Manufacturing to have a strategic plan so the company will be successful long term. Also within this paper, Learning Team D will discuss on how important ethical and social responsibility considerations are important in the company strategic management plan. In addition, the team will talk about how

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  • Strategic Plan

    Strategic Plan To validate the organizational vision, mission, and values statements of Wal-Mart, the strategic management process will be examined. The strategic management activities are different for each business but the basic components within the strategic management model are very parallel when looking at the strategic management operations. Some components of the strategic management model include company mission, external environment, and internal analysis. The mission of a

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    ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- <Faculty Name> <Grade Earned> <Writing Score> <Date Graded> Running Head: STRATEGIC PLAN Strategic Plan Chandra Taylor SKS7000-8 Doctoral Comprehensive Strategic Knowledge Studies Professor Xui Bai December 17, 2012 Northcentral University Table of Contents Mission Statement

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  • Strategic Plan

    Strategic Plan Paper Strategic Plan Paper Introduction Why does Riordan need a strategic plan? - Maurice What role should ethical and social responsibility considerations have in Riordan’s strategic management plan? - Maurice What competitive advantages does Riordan have, and which competitive strategies should Riordan utilize to improve innovation and sustainability in both domestic and international applications? -Verchell What measurement guidelines should be used to verify

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  • Strategic Plan

    Final Project SUO BUS 3101 Week 6 Assignment 2 Linda Taylor February 15, 2013 Instructor Donna Whitaker Abstract This paper is a comprehensive strategic plan for a floating fishing pliers manufacturing company that is made using an extrusion process. Included will be a mission statement, a resource needs assessment, business goal, measurable and observable objectives, the hardware, software and facility resource requirement

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  • Strategic Plan

    Strategic Plan STR581 March 23, 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY …………pg. 3 COMPANY PROFILE……………………………………………………………….PG. 3 CORE VALUES pg. 4 INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL ANALYSIS………………………………..............PG. 4 SWOT ANALYSIS PG. 5 BEST VALUE DISCIPLINE……………………………………………………...…PG. 8 GRAND STRATEGY………………………………………………………………..PG. 8 RECOMMENDATION………………………………………………………………PG. 9 IMPLEMENTATION………………………………………………………………...PG. 10 OBJECTIVES………………………………………………………………………...PG. 10

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    Departmental Task Force Strategic Plan Albeiro E. Florez Law Enforcement Administration CCJS 340 Author Note Albeiro E. Florez, Department of Criminal Justice, University of Maryland University College. This report is a response to Professor Jeffrey B. Bumgarner’s project 1 directive. Correspondence concerning this report should be address to Albeiro E. Florez, Department of Criminal Justice, University of Maryland University College, Adelphi eCampus, Adelphi, MD 20783. Contact

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  • Strategic Plan

    Strategic Plan: Riordan Manufacturing MGT/498 October 2013 Riordan Manufacturing Strategic Plan Why is strategic management necessary? Strategic management, and business policies are essential for organizations to gain competitive advantage within their respective markets. Organizations like Riordan Manufacturing implement policies, and procedures to provide structure, and standardize operations in efforts to maintain proper control of production, inventory, and logistics. Developing a

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  • Strategic Plan

    Strategic Plan Marc Johnson BUS/475 October 30th, 2013 Al Tsai Strategic Plan Every new company that is started has a mission statement and a vision statement the give direction and guidance to the company. Having a good mission statement can help communicate powerfully to the company. The vision statement is used to tell in what direction the company wants to go. Both of these statements help the company reach its goals and objectives. These statements set the operational tone for any

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  • Strategic Plan


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  • Strategic Plan

    Sample Outline for a Strategic Communication Action Plan The following is an example of an outline for a strategic communication action plan for XXXX County Schools based on the recommendations from an NSPRA Communication Audit Report. The suggested goals were taken from the guiding principles, objectives and action steps detailed in the recommendations in the report. The plan also indicates which of the district’s strategic directions (or goals) the communication goals most directly relate to

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  • Coorporate Compliance Plan for Riordan

    and Directors of Riordan FROM: PATRINA SMITH, CORPORATE COMPLIANCE OFFICER SUBJECT: CORPORATE COMPLIANCE PLAN DATE: OCTOBER 12, 2009 CC: DR. MICHAEL RIORDAN COMPANY OVERVIEW Riordan Manufacturing Inc. is a global manufacturer of plastic products. Founded by Dr. Michael Riordan in 1991, its original focal point was on licensing its existing patents, Research and Development. Currently after years of expansion the company has grown to become a

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  • Strategic Plan

    Social Responsibility in Ethics and Developing a Strategic Plan Sean K. Kerr University of Phoenix STR/581 March 3, 2014 Stephen Mersereau Social Responsibility in Ethics and Developing a Strategic Plan Ethics signify to the essential principles of an individual or a certain group. Social responsibility by definition is how a business accomplishes its activities to meet its obligations towards the local environment and society. This can be accomplished by the business avoiding

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  • Riordan Security Plan

    Riordan Security Plan CMGT/441 October 14, 2013 University of Phoenix Executive Summary: Riordan Manufacturing is a global corporation and has been performing both research and development activities and manufacturing plastics products for a number of uses since 1992. Riordan’s R&D efforts supply the company with new products to break into new markets, most recently the health care market. Riordan has grown and now has three United States locations and one location in China. Each

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  • Strategic Plan

    Strategic Plan BUS 475 April 21, 2014 Strategic Plan Photography companies allow people, families, friends, and organizations to capture memorable moments that will be seen for years to come. Megan Elizabeth Portraits is an individually owned photography studio based in Dallas, Texas. The studio specializes in newborn, maternity, and family portraits using natural light to enhance the portraits. Each photography session is centered around the type of picture the client wants. There

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  • Riordan Manufacturing Management Change Plan

    Riordan Manufacturing Management Change Plan MGT 301 Section I: Change Management Plan Identify the current formal and informal power structures in the organization. How might the power and political structure of the organization affect employee behavior? The formal power structure in the organization consists of the top management staff run by the President & CEO, followed by the Executive Assistant, Senior VP-R&D, and the Chief Operating Officer. The informal power structures would

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  • Strategic Plan

    Strategic Plan—’s Section [Describe the firm’s (client) strategic plan and the relationship between this project and the firm’s strategic direction.] Sam: probably make up a back story for the customer’s company and give them a strategic plan/direction in the hotel/apartment business and how expanding to a veteran hotel in Honolulu will bring them more customer support/better reputation. Maybe they already currently have hotels in Hawaii, San Diego, and Los Angeles; and they have a couple

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  • Strategic Plan

    Strategic Plan Part 1 Business 475 September 23, 2014 Strategic Plan Part 1 Strategic Plan, Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business The information that will be provided in this paper will give information about a new type of restaurant in the industry, ME Cafe. ME Cafe with provide food for all walks of life. It will cater to specific needs, wants, and desires of each of their customers at an affordable price. The information within this document will cover the mission statements, vision

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  • Strategic Plan

    u09d1 Project Plan Draft Julian G. Romero II IT 4990 Integrated Action Learning Project 8430 Favero Cove Converse, TX 78109 210-310-2397 Instructor: Joe Johnson Table of Contents Work in progress… Executive Summary is a newly developed motorcycle parts and apparel store created by my good friend Mr. Brockton Gardner. Mr. Gardner is a motorcycle enthusiast, and is in tune with the motorcycle industry with a great number of people who are

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  • Riordan Compliance Plan

    Compliance Plan - Riordan Jennifer Stucky Law 531 - Business Law August 20, 2010 Professor Musafia Compliance Plan – Riordan International Law Riordan currently has a joint venture with a small consortium of Chinese nationals in China. The joint venture project produces plastic fan parts in Hangzhou, China. Riordan shall meet all fiduciary duties of loyalty and care in this joint venture as it is liable for damages for any breaches caused. Riordan shall adhere to the regulatory

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  • Strategic Plan

    An Assignment about "Crafting and Executing Strategy For the course of Strategic Management (MBA-516) Submitted to: Dr. Stephen Onu Virginia International University Submitted By: Safayet Hossain MBA ID# 10000123015 Virginia International University Date of Submission: September 25, 2013 In the 1890s, William Hesketh Lever, founder of Lever Bros, wrote down his ideas for Sunlight Soap – his revolutionary new product that helped popularise cleanliness and hygiene in

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  • Strategic Plan

    STRATEGIC PLANNING  One approach to strategic planning is to match an organization's goods and services with its markets, generally in the long term. The long term is viewed as two or more years. To minimize threats from competitive inroads and obsolescence, every business unit must have a strategic plan and constantly monitor its markets and competitors. Tomorrow's winning products must be researched, tested, developed and introduced before today's winners become obsolete. To manage its

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  • Strategic Plan

    STRATEGIC PLAN (20142019) School of Business and EconomicsMoi University The global business school of choice; excellent in education, research and innovation Submitted by: NAME: KIMANI ABRAHAM KAMAU REGISTRATION NUMBER: BBM/2614/12 COURSE: Business Policy& Strategy (BBM 472) INSTRUCTOR: DR. MUGAMBI 12/24/2013 Contents LIST OF FIGURES AND TABLES .................................................................................................................. 3 TABLES

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  • Riordan Manufacturing Strategic Plan

    Riordan Manufacturing Strategic Plan MGT/498 Riordan Manufacturing Strategic Plan Strategic managers have responsibility to both the employees and stakeholders of the organization. Engaging in strategic management decisions should include ethics and social responsibilities. The expectation of such responsibilities from stakeholders is to fulfill legal and ethical economic decisions. Satisfying the purpose of the strategic planning process for Riordan Manufacturing, the

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  • Strategic Plan

    Our assignment for this week is to prepare a strategic plan to grow an organization over the next three years. In this plan we are to include the following: 1) a description of the organization’s history, products, and their major competitors, 2) explain the current situation of the organization in the market, 3) conduct a SWOT analysis to determine what areas offer opportunities for change, 4) select three areas from the SWOT analysis and explain why the areas chosen are essential to the

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  • Strategic Plan

    Strategic Plan for the Illusion Hall Michelle Curvey BUS/475 February 20, 2012 Susan Horvat Strategic Plan for the Illusion Hall The concept of the Illusion Hall is to provide an atmosphere of creative engagement for the small community in which we reside. There is no other venue of entertainment within a 60-mile radius. This does not guarantee our success. The process has taken several weeks; as a result we have created a roadmap for success. Within our strategic plan we have

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  • Strategic Plan

    Under Armour Strategic Plan Part BUS/475 Under Armour Strategic Plan Part Two Under Armour has learned how to be successful with a resilient strategic plan in place. The strategic direction that a company decides to endeavor could be the cause of a company to become successful or fail. Strategic plan of a company needs to be explained to all personnel involved to be a successful venture by the company. The purpose of this synopsis is to analyze the forces and trends that Under Armour

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  • Strategic Plan

    the long term goals as well as doing the right thing for the well being of the company (Pearce & Robinson, 2011, p. 6). As you see there is a lot involved in the strategy of a business and its strategic process. For one it should never be confused with the tactical process (, 2011). Strategic is a plan for action, and it is a vital backend exercise. Though it becomes hard work on your company to focus on your strategic plan due to the focus on the day to day activities, it is wise

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  • Strategic Plan

    Procter and Gamble Strategic Plan Paper LTA MGT 498 April 8, 2016 Robert Shereda Procter and Gamble Strategic Plan Paper The business world changes as often as the earth rotates around the sun. The way businesses remain successful is by choosing to embrace change, but wanting change is not enough. To stay competitive, a business must foresee change and adapt in a way that maintains profit, customers, and shareholder loyalty. Ways this will be achieved is through a carefully planned

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  • Strategic Plan

    Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business BUS/475 Integrated Business Topics December 15, 2011 Strategic Plan - Part I: Conceptualizing a Business Land Forms Construction is a general engineering and landscape contractor located in Laguna Niguel, California. The company has been in business for over 21 years. The owners Jeff and Anna Tracy started out as a landscape contractor concentrating mainly on commercial projects in Southern California. The company expanded its

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  • Strategic Plan

    Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business Adam Baalaer BUS 475 November 7, 2011 Hal J. Wilkins Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business Many night-clubs, bars, and restaurants open weekly all over the country, but the key to success for these businesses is developing a key strategic plan. A key strategic plan needs to have a successful vision, mission, and key values that will support the strategic business plan. The business that has been chosen for this paper is

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  • Riordan Manufacturing Active Directory Implementation Plan

    Wk2 Assignment POS/421 11/29/2011 Riordan AD Overview Riordan Manufacturing Active Directory implementation plan will consist of one domain. This domain will be spread over four sites defined by the physical location of each property. Although the China site is a joint venture, it will be identical in structure to the other three sites. Within each domain, there will be multiple organizational units. The units will be based on the need or architecture currently established at each

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  • Strategic Plan

    while allowing the company to achieve the benefits of a multichannel strategy. To achieve a successful outcome of this strategic plan is extremely significant that all employees are cashiers, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, responsible for the storage and management, working hand in hand order to achieve its goals. March 30, 2012 Walgreen’s Board of Directors, Chairman of the Board President, Chief Executive Officer RE: Approval of Strategic Plan In the last reunion

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  • Riordan Manufacturing - Outsourcing Plan

    Riordan Manufacturing - Outsourcing Plan Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. leads the industry in plastic injection molding. Riordan has six manufacturing locations in the United States, and one location in China. Riordan creates innovative plastic designs using state-of-the-art technologies that have earned them international acclaim. The various business entities of Riordan Manufacturing are using different Financial and Accounting applications and their incompatibility is causing many issues in

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  • Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan

    Corporate Compliance Plan Paper University of Phoenix LAW/531: Business Law Group: DB12MBA01 Joseph Balistocky, JD, MFCC April 17, 2012 Workshop 6 Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan Riordan Manufacturing is a $1 billion Fortune 100 organization with approximately 550 employees specializing in plastic patient design with operations in the United States and China that realized $46 million in revenue last year. Due to concerns originating out of the

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  • Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan

    This paper is prepared to create a corporate compliance plan for the Riordan Corporation. Its discussion will include managing the legal liability of officers and directors, the way to handle situation when laws are violated and the rights of employees when they take actions against Riordan. Their are many other details that go into this plan including the enterprise liability, discussion of real and intellectual property, international laws, and the requirements of regulatory compliance

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  • Riordan Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Plan

    Riordan Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Plan BSA 400 June 18, 2012 John Shrewsbury Riordan Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Plan Riordan products are manufactured to the highest quality standard that have satisfied customers since 1991, and was founded by a chemist name Dr Riordan. Currently Riordan Manufactures headquarters are located in San Jose, California with three plants that are located in Albany, Ga., Pontiac, MI., and Hangzhouz, China. Each plant is responsible for different

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  • Strategic Plan

    Strategic Plan, Part III: Balanced Scorecard A balanced scoreboard is a strategically planned tool that associates select objectives within a few fields to that of a company’s vision and mission (Balanced Scorecard Institute, 1998-2010). The scorecard exposes financial, customer, employee learning and growth, and internal business process objectives crucial to attaining goals of the vision and mission statements. When establishing such objectives, an evaluation of the company’s vision

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  • Riordan Compliance Plan

    Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan University of Phoenix LAW 521 William Eshelman February 19, 2012 Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan “The low end of the range without an effective program can be higher than the high end of the range with an effective program” (Youngberg, 1998). Statements such as this are exactly why a comprehensive compliance plan should be in place for any successful organization. Financial penalties are implemented for lack of compliance plans. There are various

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