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How to Set a Direction of Communication


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2.1: Review own ability to set direction and communicate this to others
It is important for me to know that everyone in my team are aware of our department’s goals and how these are aligned to the overall business strategy. I can increase my ability to set direction and communicate this to team members by talking to them more frequently, observing them at work and giving regular constructive feedback on their performance.

Providing each team member with feedback is important in making the person feel needed and giving the feeling their contribution is valued. Feedback helps the team know that whatever they are doing as part of their daily workload is valued and not only helps the IT department’s goals but that of the overall business. Staff should feel motivated by hopefully give them the platform to take ownership and pride in their tasks.

Defining and communicating the desired direction is an important aspect when trying to achieve the department’s goals. Following a well-known acronym SMART each one of my team is given objectives at the start of the year. A smart objective is:

• Specific
• Measurable
• Achievable
• Realistic
• Time scaled

From experience objectives that are SMART succeed because they are clear (specific) and you can tell when it has been achieved (measurable) as clear criteria is put in place to quantify the results. Once the objectives have been set an area I could improve is the monitoring stage whereby I help the person to achieve the goal by engaging in regular dialogue with the person. The use of SMART certainly provides a framework that I can use to help my team members meet targets that are clear, challenging and most importantly achievable.

An area that I find difficult is communicating a clear understanding of my vision and values to staff members. Having that ability to communicate clearly would help me to have a

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