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3 Ways to Train Your Dog

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Reading Response: Repulsive Dinners

Vanessa Allen

After reading Repulsive Dinners, I started to think about one of the

times that I have been invited to someone’s place. All week I was looking

forward to going over to a friends place for dinner, I had been told she was a

great cook. So I showed up at 5:50 pm and it looked like she was not ready to

entertain. Table was not cleared or set, the kitchen looked like a time bomb

went off in there. A few moments later more guests arrived. So as we sat in

the living room by ourselves, our host missing in action, same for the hors

d’oeuvres. We introduced ourselves and talked among ourselves. After about

30 mins or so we could smell something that was a mix of cooked cabbage and

seafood. Our host finally arrived and led us to the table where we were met

by a hot steaming bowl with a purplish colored liquid was inside. There was a

plate of stale crackers that was passed around to eat with the soup. In the

soup there was: undercooked carrots of different sizes, purple cabbage (that’s

where the purple color came from), overcooked pasta, corn, onions, potatoes

different sizes, and over cooked scallops, shrimp and squid. Like the

characters in the story while at the first dinner “we ate in perfect silence,

first in shock, then in amazement.” That was the main course. For desert we

had pudding cups. I found myself at the local pizza parlor with a few of the

guest eating pie, just like the main character in the story does after every

repulsive meal she had.

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