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A Fit and Healthy Me

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Dieting and fitness are crucial parts of my well-being. I am not the kind of person that watches what I eat or limits myself about what I can or cannot eat. Healthy means having good health mentally and physically. Physically, I can be strong and healthy. Mentally, I can have a sense of goodness and achievement towards myself. Eating healthy, being active, and feeling good about myself are the key ingredients I do to have a healthy lifestyle. Dieting is something most people do to stay healthy, but I don’t diet because I just naturally eat healthy foods in the food pyramid: grain, poultry, dairy, etc. Eating right does not just make me a healthier person, it enables me to get through another day with enough strength and energy. It is often difficult to stay true to a diet; it is all about a change in lifestyle with the types of foods I consume. It only takes self-discipline and knowledge to maintain a diet. Having self-discipline is knowing what I should be eating, but also having knowledge of what I consume is a part of dieting. Dieting is self-discipline and knowledge. 60 percent of my healthy wellbeing is dieting, the remaining 40 percent is achieved through exercising. Being active by exercising when I can helps me reach my goal of being a fit and healthy me. Getting my heart rate up by doing cardio at the gym helps me get rid of fat I have accumulated throughout the week. Lifting weights also benefits me on gaining muscle mass and staying toned. Besides the gym, Zumba is another source of exercise I do to stay fit. Exercising is not only for me physically, but also helps me stay mentally positive and make good life decisions. Even if I am healthy, there could still be a chance of being sick. I face diseases every day whether it be with the environment, people around me, or the food I consume. Staying clean and watching my health is something

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