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A New Approach to Clustering


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Objective of the research
The objective of this research is to increase the attention of stakeholders on the general information concerning methods used in data reduction. The research approaches this topic from a perspective where it creates a new method of clustering data. The basis of this approach is that similar and different forms of data are grouped in their own distinct sets. The level of similarity or difference is based on certain qualities in regard to the data collected. This could be in terms of distance or weight of the items in the data. The aim of this research is create new forms of clustering data that corrects some of the gaps that are created by the old existing methods data clustering. This research aims at ensuring that the miscalculations that were created by the old system of data collection are rectified. The research shows the ineffectiveness of the previous methods of data clustering through a comparative analysis of the new and the old data clustering method.
Clustering of data is important for any process of data reduction. This is because classification of data allows research to have reduced data upon which they can make an analysis. Huge data that is not classified makes it difficult for researchers to handle data within a short period of time. There are various methods and formulas that are used in data reduction. These formulas are meant to correct certain inconsistencies that previous formulas had towards data reduction. In data analysis, it becomes difficult for researchers to analyze data because of unclassified data that increases the time for making calculations. Classification of data through the new formulas will ensure that there are sets of data that are classified on the basis of the level of similarity and difference of a certain chosen data trait.
This section will concentrate on analyzing

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