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Video Data Mining
JungHwan Oh University of Texas at Arlington, USA JeongKyu Lee University of Texas at Arlington, USA Sae Hwang University of Texas at Arlington, USA


Data mining, which is defined as the process of extracting previously unknown knowledge and detecting interesting patterns from a massive set of data, has been an active research area. As a result, several commercial products and research prototypes are available nowadays. However, most of these studies have focused on corporate data — typically in an alpha-numeric database, and relatively less work has been pursued for the mining of multimedia data (Zaïane, Han, & Zhu, 2000). Digital multimedia differs from previous forms of combined media in that the bits representing texts, images, audios, and videos can be treated as data by computer programs (Simoff, Djeraba, & Zaïane, 2002). One facet of these diverse data in terms of underlying models and formats is that they are synchronized and integrated hence, can be treated as integrated data records. The collection of such integral data records constitutes a multimedia data set. The challenge of extracting meaningful patterns from such data sets has lead to research and development in the area of multimedia data mining. This is a challenging field due to the non-structured nature of multimedia data. Such ubiquitous data is required in many applications such as financial, medical, advertising and Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (C3I) (Thuraisingham, Clifton, Maurer, & Ceruti, 2001). Multimedia databases are widespread and multimedia data sets are extremely large. There are tools for managing and searching within such collections, but the need for tools to extract hidden and useful knowledge embedded within multimedia data is becoming critical for many decision-making applications.

Multimedia data

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