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The greatest environmental threats for A&F

Abercrombie & Fitch has been known for not being very diverse. They were striving for a certain look and style. There clothes mainly consisted of young white male and females with nice bodies, beautiful hair and shapes that fit their tiny clothes. Entering in A&F store, as you look on the walls, you would notice that the models all have the same look. A&F was known for hiring associates that also fit that look. A&F was also known for not hiring minorities and if they were hired it would be for stocking or closing up store. A&F was known for this practice and really didn’t mind the lost of not having the minority business, which prompt lawsuits to the company and drew attention to them, but this did not stop A&F. A&F also prevented to the sales of potential clients by racial profiling with the expensive of clothing.

The greatest opportunities available in the marketplace for A&F to pursue

A&F specializes in casual wear in marketing the younger generation in buying their products. They should pursue the older generation in finding out exactly what they are looking for and try to meet that need. The company could be more tolerant to the older generation. A&F will understand the need of the younger generation but to get an handle on the need of the older generation from the ages of 35-50 are not old but to maintain the in style look for that generation.
Hitt,Ireland, Hoskisson states:
Demographics began to shift the baby boom generation was aging. Those specialty apparel retailers who appealed mostly to teenagers realized that they needed to hold on to their consumer as they entered their twenties. A&F, AEOS, and even the Gap began to open, with varying degrees of success, stores that targeted an older demographic (2009, p. 26).

A&F’s greatest organizational strengths

A&F strength to target a pacific audience and to keep there distance from becoming just like other stores. A&F would like to set themselves apart from other companies to be look at as being set apart, being able to recognize the products that they sell to be different from everyone else. When you shop at A&F you and everyone around you will know that you bought this product from them. A&F are known for their brand. A&F target is to be recognizing as expensive casual attire and that everyone can not afford to wear it products. Only a few can say that what they wear was purchase at A&E.

A&F’s greatest weaknesses

A&F greatest weakness is not opening up to everyone in marketing their products to establish a good relationship with all people of color and to promote more monopoly to having their product bought buy everyone. The other weakness is that the economy is struggling and their competition is looking at capitalizing on this by selling products at a lower price. The other concern is this is a limited of people who they can reach. Their clothes are size are not meant for everyone to wear. Its more for people that are small not trying to capitalize on the sizes of customers. A&F is not willing to look at geographic to reach others. They have a low inventory turnover ratio. A&F was known to have lawsuits against them because of provocative attire.

How A&F strengths can be used to deflect environment threats

A&F can open up to geographic area to marketing more of their products to others. A&E can also become more friendly when you walk into there store and see other races within the store selling and buying. A&F should promote more diverse within the organization and to look at how they promote their products to others and not allowing the competitions to have an advantage over them. A&F can market themselves to other groups and sizes and not limit within one set size. A&F also offer other products to add to their name

How A&F strengths can be used to take advantage of opportunities

Since A&F has a strong financial performance they can expand out to reach other consumer to buy there products and have them feel that they are privilege to buy their products. Consumer would see that their attire is only offered at their store and to know that it is only a select few that will wear there clothing. The branding of A&F is strength for them being on their clothing and the name itself is wide known for throughout the world. A&F has a website in promoting their products. They should expand the market on wearing clothing should be more expanded to other races as well as promoting of their other products such as colognes and perfumes.


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