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Advantages of E-Commerce Paper

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Advantages of E-Commerce Paper

The gold rush of the e-commerce age is definitely bustling. The internet has provided a great source for companies to use state of the art technology efforts to gain large amounts of revenue while cutting overhead cost tremendously.
Advantage in Marketing E-Commerce
E-commerce is getting larger every day. It allows people to carryout business without barriers of time or distance. The next advantage is the direct cost of sale option. With this option it allows little to no human interaction which cuts down on errors and increases productivity. Also, by selling on-line it virtually eliminates processing errors as well as being more convenient for the visitor. These advantages are just the tip of the iceberg.
Web Development
• Placement- with web design you cannot just place a product anywhere and wait for a response. It is pertinent that the development team discusses the outlook, where they would get the greatest response, and who needs to see it, and can that placement get the company the most profitability. When placing a product many questions can come into play. The only mainstay is with this placement are we achieving our highest profitability option with this placement. It is up to the team to establish a core platform where the consumer can feel comfortable shopping. Entering the product into the correct market is also a placement issue. Trying to survey the market nationally or internationally can be a daunting task. As a team you will develop a plan that shows who the target audience is in order to see if the product would be better served nationally or internationally to turn a higher profit. Also you have to place the product in such a way that the competition does not stand a chance.
• Merchandise and Audience Size- with merchandise and audience there are two issues. One is what type of items the store sells and two...

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