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Academic Performance Related to Study Skills

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Effective Study Habits and Study Skills Mean Good Grades Now
Effective study habits and study skills lead to good grades.
One can, also, reward students for better grades. However, never forget that making learning fun so children discover learning is fun will create the most return over the long term, as far as learning and better grades are concerned.

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Although effective study skills and study habits result in better grades, do you know what effective study habits and study skills are? They are regular, consistent study habits that good students use every time they prepare for a test or do homework. In this section, effective study habits and study skills that help primary school students get good grades will be emphasized.

Effective study habits are learned at home. Parenting means teaching our children these skills and making them habits. Study skills are so important to improving grades that some think grades really measure how well parents teach their children to study, particularly in the primary grades. The purpose of this section is to help parents teach their children effective study habits, not only to improve good grades, but to make education easier and, even, enjoyable.

Despite the fact effective study habits are, largely, a discipline we instill in our children, we must always bear in mind that learning through play inspires children to learn more. So, any opportunity to mix play and learning together should be taken. Hence, making learning play is a study skill for getting good grades. Note TV and video-computer games are not considered play since they increase anxiety and aggression.

Topping the list, as to effective study habits, is seeing that your child is paying attention to the teacher. His eyes should always be on the teacher when she...

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