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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has long been a controversial topic due to its’ causes, diagnosis, as well as the treatments. Some critics of this controversy deny the very existence of ADHD as a mental disorder and believe that the physicians along with pharmaceutical industry are conspired with one another just to fill their pockets. While others believe that not only ADHD is a genetic mental disorder but also a disorder that may be caused by the environmental factors like geographical location, parenting and diet. Furthermore, many studies show that ADHD is in fact a mental disorder that affects many children and adults. ADHD is not over diagnosed and needs to be treated, however the treatment should not consist
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Higher than ever rates of kids diagnosed with ADHD only supports pharmaceutical companies that are often times held responsible for promoting the ADHD (Schwarz, 2013). For instance, there has been a series of lawsuits against pharmaceutical company, Novartis Corporation that manufactures Ritalin, one of the most common ADHD stimulant medications (WGBH educational foundation, 2001). Another suit was filed in 2000 by attorney Andy Waters who alleged that Ciba/Novaris conspired with American Psychiatric Association to “create, develop, promote, and confirm the diagnoses” of ADHD in order to create a more profitable market from the sale of the Ritalin (WGBH educational foundation, 2001).
In the recent research by Dijk (2014) the evidence showed that the pharmaceutical industry does influence the diagnoses of the ADHD by advertising the treatment of the disorder. This advertisement results in a higher awareness of ADHD as a disorder that is seen in children that don’t have all of the legitimate symptoms of the disorder. Finally, the pharmaceutical companies have direct access to the physician’s websites where they are able to promote the drugs that treat these psychological disorders (pp. 102-109
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932-940). The new edition of the DSM-5 that is used by clinicians to diagnose mental disorders became available in 2013 and was intended to reduce the number of misdiagnosis and increase the reliability (Cheng, 2014). During this study researchers screened 362 children between grades 1 and 5 (some of which were previously diagnosed with ADHD). (Andrew S Rowland, 2001) The study found 46 children who met the criteria for ADHD, of which 18 (39%) have been screened with the previous DSM edition, but have not been diagnosed with ADHD in the passed. (Andrew S Rowland, 2001) Furthermore, researchers found that 8 of the 362 children were misdiagnosed. (Andrew S Rowland, 2001)This study shows that ADHD is under diagnosed and that the new DSM-5 edition is more reliable then the previous

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