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Office of Admissions

(Applicants are advised to thoroughly read all instructions before completing this application)

Applicants who have registered for courses at Medgar Evers College (MEC) in a previous semester and have not been in attendance for one or more semesters thereafter need to file for re-admission in order to register for classes in a forth coming semester.

1 ~ Applicant must have no outstanding "stops" on their academic records.
2 ~ Applicant must have maintained at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA or above while in attendance at MEC or any other institution(s). 3 ~ Applicants with a cumulative GPA less than 2.0 must file for re-admission on probation. More specifically, below are the minimum required cumulative GPA standards for students re-admitting on probation:
Total Number of Credits:
Minimum GPA
0 - 12.5 Credits
1.50 GPA
13 - 24.5 Credits
1.75 GPA
25 Credits or more
2.00 GPA
All students in this category must be approved for Re-Admission. Your complete packet will be forwarded to the Academic
Probation and Dismissal Committee (APD) for final decision.

1 ~ Applicant must complete a MEC Re-Admission application and submit it to the Office of Admissions for screening.
2 ~ Applicant must submit a non-refundable application processing fee of $20.00. This fee is to be paid at the Bursar
Office, located at 1637 Bedford Avenue, 3rd. Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11225. Personal checks are NOT accepted. A copy of your payment receipt must be attached to this application.
3 ~ Applicants who have attended another college since their last attendance date at MEC must have their official transcripts sent directly from that institution to MEC Office of Admissions, Medgar Evers College, 1638 Bedford
Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225.
4 ~ Applicants are expected to submit their application no later than one month prior to the start of registration for the semester they are wishing to re-admit into. 5 ~ Completed applications are to be submitted to the Office of Admissions,
Medgar Evers College, 1638 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225.
COMMENTS (For Official Use

Medgar Evers College does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, sex, race, creed, national origin, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran's status, and or citizenship status.

Please indicate your choice:
Re-Admit: Degree Student

I plan to pursue my studies as a:

Re-Admit: Non-Degree Student

Re-Admit: Filing for Graduation only
(Major Not Required)

Intended Major and Degree:________________________________________


Desired Start Date:





Please read the instructions accompanying the application. PRINT using a ballpoint pen. Please complete both sides Last Name:_________________________________

First Name: ______________________________

Any Prior Name(s)__________________________________________
Date of Birth:___________________________ Female:

Suffix(Jr., Sr.) ________________________________




Social Security Number __________________________

If you do not have a Social Security Number check this box:
Home Telephone Number _________________________________ Cell Phone Number________________________________
E-mail Address (if available)__________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________
Length of time at the above address:
Citizenship Status:
Are you a:

U. S. Citizen


Permanent Resident

Apartment #________________________________

State ___________

Zip Code_________________________________

Length of time in New York State:

Student Visa




Note: All students on F-1 Visa must see the International Student Advisor.

Are you a Veteran of the United Stated Armed Services? YES
Note: All veterans must provide their DD214.
Ethnicity: Indicate your race by selecting one or more options:
American Indian or Alaskan Native
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Black or African American
Where were you and each of your parents born?
Born in the United States, excluding Puerto Rico or US Territories:



Emp. ID:
Residency Status:

Born in Puerto Rico or US Territories:

In State:

Born outside of the United States:
Do you speak a language other than English at home?





Taken By:___________




If Yes, with which language do you feel more comfortable?
Language other than English
Comfortable with both
Please list your High School/GED and all post-secondary institutions you have attended. (Include College Now)
College/High School/or GED Center

Dates of Attendance

Credits/Degree Awarded or Type of

Location City/State

I hereby certify that all information given on this application is accurate and complete. I understand that all the information contained in this application will be treated confidentially and will be used for institutional purpose only. I realize that failure to provide complete and accurate information may affect my readmission. I understand that my application will not be processed until all the necessary documents are received by the Office of Admissions.

Applicant's Signature _______________________________________________

Date ________________________

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