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Advantages and Disadvantages of Gm

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Advantages and disadvantages of gm crops
The continuously growing human population poses a great challenge to the farming industry. For centuries humanity has selected the best and most suitable crops for the environment they were living in, nowadays with over 800 millions of people being undernourished the pressure to find a better way to feed the population has never been higher (FAO, IFAD and WFP. 2014). Since the first genetically modified crop was introduced in the market in 1994 (James, C. and A.F. Krattiger. 1996.) the debate over GM crops has never stopped. Among the numerous advantages of a genetically modified crop the possibility to engineer a crop to be resistant to pests, bacteria, and fungi stands out, this allows to reduce the use of harmful pesticides, to increase the yield of the crop and the monetary income related to the crop which could help developing economies. Another important advantage of GM crops is the possibility to enhance the content of nutrients in the plant, such is the case of Golden rice a variety of Oryza sativa rice specifically engineered to biosynthesise beta-carotene to address the problem of Vitamin A deficiency in the diet of the population of many developing countries (Ye, X; Al-Babili. 2000). Besides the many advantages the scientific community has often questioned both the environmental and the health risks related to genetically modified crops. The two major concerns regarding GM are the toxicity and the allergenic properties that could arise in a GM crop. Although it has been concluded by FAO and WHO that the risks related to genetically modified foods were essentially of the same nature as conventional crops, several processes involved in the creation of GM crops could increase the risk for toxicity or allergy. The main sources of risk to be assessed will be the new metabolic products induced by the new gene as well

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