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Affects of Social Media in Society

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How Does Social Media Networking Impacts Society?
Adraine Banks
Info 103
Instructor: Mr. Scott Mann
May 19, 2013

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How Does Social Media Networking Impacts Society? I. Nearly 75% of all Internet users are members of at least one major social networking sites.(Nielsen Wire, 2009) II. What is Social Media Networking? III. The first Internet service provider and email delivery. IV. There are numerous Social network sites. A. Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter V. There are pros and cons in social networking. A. Pros of Social Networking a. It keeps people connected, allows us to get info faster, available to anyone B. Cons of Social Networking a. It can be used as a weapon, info is unreliable, there are no privacy rules VI. Social networking is getting bigger by the days with new creations.

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How does Social Media Networking Impacts Society?
Nearly 75% of Internet users are members of at least one of the major social network site. (Nielsen Wire, 2009) Social media is means of interacting among people where they create, share and exchange information and ideas through Internet based applications. These conversations and exchanges come in different forms such as word, pictures, video sharing and more. There are numerous sites where these exchanges take place such as MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn and Twitter just to name a few. The first Internet service provider in the United States was CompuServe which used a technology none as dial-up. It was formed in 1969 and it was a major player until the mid-1990’s. Dial-up ultimately was sold to what is known as AT&T. The first email was delivered in 1971. MySpace was designed as an offspring of Friendster which was designed in 2002. By 2004 MySpace surpassed...

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