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1. What was the food and portion size you chose? I have chosen V8 Splash Smoothies, flavor Peach Mango, and the serving size is 8 oz. 245g.
2. Describe its composition in terms of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins
Carbohydrates 19.01g
Lipids- 0
Proteins- 2.99g
3. How many calories are in your food item? (Found in the Database as Energy – kcal)
91 calories

4. List some of the most common vitamins and minerals in this food item.
Minerals- Calicum- 100mg Iron- 0.37 mg Potassium- 59mg Sodium 71mg
Vitamin C 60mg
Niacin 1.99mg
Vit B-6 0.201mg
Vit B-12 0.59uG
Vit A- 3501 IU

5. Are there other important nutritional components of this food item? If so, list these. If not, say so.
B. Water:
1. How much of your food item is water?
2. Provide one reason why water is important for life. To adequately answer this question, it will be necessary to explain a reason for water’s importance based upon its chemical and /or physical properties.
C. Biological Molecule:
1. State the most abundant category of biological molecule in your food: carbohydrates, lipids, or proteins.
2. Describe the structure of this type of molecule, and its primary function(s). This section willnot be a one sentence answer. In order to adequately “describe” an entire category of biological molecules, you will need to briefly review their basic molecular structures and functions.
D. Recommendation:
After identifying the nutritional components, discuss WHY you would or would not recommend this food item as part of a healthy, nutritious diet. Be sure to use references and guidelines such as the Food Pyramid and Recommended Daily Allowances to support your

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