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American Design Drafting Association


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American Design Drafting Association
Eric Syron
ITT Technical Institute Abstract
The history of American Design Drafting Association and what is its purpose. What are some of the cost and benefits to joining the American Design Drafting Association as a student. American Design Drafting Association
The American Design drafting Association (ADDA) was developed to help the design drafting professional advance in their chosen fields. (ADDA international, 2006)

The Beginning
The ADDA was founded in Bartlesville, Oklahoma in 1948 under the name Bartlesville Draftsmen’s club. ADDA has had several name changes Association of Professional Drafter (APD) in 1950 and American Institute of Design Drafting (AIDD) in 1960 before settling on ADDA in 1989. (ADDA international, 2006)

ADDA is currently Head quartered at 105 East Main Street, Newbern, Tennessee. The ADDA mission is “to strengthen the design graphics profession though training and educational opportunities. This assures every individual is offered the ability to improve themselves in their professional and personal goals.” (ADDA international, 2006)

ADDA provides its members with accreditation, curriculum and prefessional certification, student charters, newsletter and an employment center. Student membership fees are $25 for a student in an ADDA charter and $30 for a student at large. The benifites to being a student member are
1) Keep abreast of changing techology in desgn/ drafting.
2) Associate with professional drafters and designers.
3) Keep informed on industry needs, salary ranges and educational requirements for design-drafters.
4) Start and encourage continued educational programs.
5) Encourage self-improvement by increased knowledge.
6) Develop leadership ability.
7) Receive ADDA publications a Member’s reduced price.
8) Attend ADDA local and national meetings at special reduced student fees.
9) Participate in the ADDA Annual Contest and Programs.
10) Foster a spirit of the fellowship among the members. (ADDA international, 2006)

Joining ADDA as a student gives the student a leg up in their profession. By having contact with leaders in the field of drafting and design student can be better ready for entering the field of drafting and design. References
ADDA International. (2006). ADDA international

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