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American Set of Values

American Set of Values
America is one of leading nations across the world in various aspects. This situation has been brought about by various factors, which drive the agenda of the nation for its prosperity and integrity. Core values are adopted by America as a nation forms a significant ingredient in towards these achievements. American core values define the beliefs and values upheld by its citizens irrespective of the status, power and backgrounds. The set of cores values influences the way American people conduct themselves in everything they do. This paper discussion the American core values in to details.
The first core value upheld by America as a nation if people’s liberty. In this case, people are not forced to undertake political and personal obligations. Therefore, people are not forced into things they believe are not right particularly if they such an action can cause harm to an individual or, others. Liberty in this case has been divided into three including political, personal, and economic freedoms. Persona freedom includes the freedom, which the government cannot invade or interview with at any given time (Bill & Halamandaris 2004). An individual is free to act according to his or her will without being forced. Citizens are allowed to think and talk about issues affecting their lives and for generations to come. Political freedom, allows citizens to participate in political processes including voting. Citizens are allowed to assemble and discuss political issues affecting them in open debates as long as it does not threaten national security, social order and enhances national integrity (Macionis 2005). Economic freedom is the other core values under the concept of liberty in America. In this case, an individual or a group is allowed to acquire, transfer, poses and dispose at their own convenient time and terms. Citizens are also allowed to seek legally recognized job opportunities and undertake economic activities with the legal framework of the nation.
America as a nation recognizes the need to have happy citizens for a healthy nation. As a result, the American core value recognizes the need to have its people have the freedom to pursue their own happiness. However, the extent of this happiness is limited to the fact that one should not undermine other people’s happiness and rights in such for their own happiness.
The other core value for America is the concept of common good. Citizens are encouraged to undertake commitment and accept obligations for the benefit of other. The aim of this provision is to enhance welfare among members of the community and unity at all time. Service to others is upheld in both the private and public undertaking.
Americans have always been aware of the need for justice. It is clear to them that, where there is no justice there is no peace. Citizens are treated fairly irrespective of the status, income, gender and background. National benefits are distributed equally to reduce as much as possible the burden and challenges facing the society. Wrong doers are usually punished, while victims are compensated as per the legal requirement.
Equality is the other core value upheld by American people. Citizens have political, social and economic equality at all times. All citizens are provided with these rights and hence should not be denied at any given time, unless through a legal process (Macionis 2005). Socially, there is no stratification under America law, and hence individuals are treated as equal partners in American society. Economic equality is more significant than the other two forms of equality. This is because of the fact that economic equality enhances the other form of the equality (Bill & Halamandaris 2004). For example, where people are economic equal, they tend to have equal political participation and vise versa. In addition, when people have different economic status it implies that there will be social classes based on economic strength of members of a society.
America is one of nations across the world with high diversity among its people. American people come from all over the world and this implies that diversity is inevitable. It is a pluralistic society; there are different cultural believes, race, lifestyle, and backgrounds. Desirable diversity for the benefit of all has been upheld in America over the years. The aim of this core value is to reduce conflict among the pluralistic society.
In conclusion, there are numerous American core values out in place over the years. These values make America a nation with a difference as compared with other nations across the world. Enhancing equality, liberty, justices, embracing diversity and the spirit of the common good is not an easy task for many nations. Through the rule of law, separation of power, representative government, checks and balance, and federation system of the government are some of key mechanisms applied over the years to develop and maintain these values. It is high time for various nations to uphold these core values to build strong and developed nations across the world.

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