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AY 2010 /2011 Level 2 October Semester Term B

Portfolio Performance Management (CFI2P17)

Industry and Company Report





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I. Company Analysis

A. Background

[Describe the company’s background.]

B. Business Segmentation

[Analyse the different businesses of the company.]

C. Geographical Segmentation

[Analyse the different geographical markets of the company.]

D. SWOT Analysis

[Perform a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis on the company.]

II. Industry Analysis and Peer Valuation

A. Porter’s FIVE (5) Forces

[Perform the Porter’s FIVE (5) Forces analysis on the industry.]

B. Peer Valuation

[Perform a peer valuation of the THREE (3) companies using both the extended DuPont and the relative valuation ratios.]

III. Company Valuation

A. Historical Trends

[Using at least THREE (3) years of the company’s historical data, show the historical trends for ratios from ANY FOUR (4) of six primary groups of financial ratios.]

B. Forecast

[Using ANY ONE (1) of two forecasting techniques, show the steps to estimate at least ONE (1) year forecast of the company’s EPS.]

C. Share Valuation

[By using the above forecast and ANY ONE (1) of two share valuation techniques, show the steps to calculate the intrinsic value of the company]

IV. Technical Analysis

[Use this section to show any technical charts including technical indicators of the share price.]

V. Reflective Journal

[This section should contain personal insights, problems encountered and workarounds, teamwork, lessons learned including two learning takeaways and details of the learning process that you experienced.]

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