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Animal Rights Research Paper

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Animals and the Exemption of Their Rights Almost every American grew up eating some kind of meat or wearing some type of fur, leather, or wool, we grow up going to zoos and circuses, and some people even have pets like birds and rabbits at home in cages. We unknowingly exploit animals in every way possible. The impact that our actions have on these animals is never taken into consideration. Due to animals serving us humans several different purposes, the animal is forgotten. The idea of whether animals should have rights is at a peak in controversy. Animal rights activist believe animals have legal and moral rights the same way humans do. On the other hand there are several corporations …show more content…
Regan is an advocate of animal rights and believes that the animal right movement is committed to several different goals, including the total abolition of the use of animals in science, the total dissolution of commercial animal agriculture, and the total elimination of commercial and spot hunting and trapping (Fox, Michael W., and Linda D. Mickley). People who are going to stand for something must stand for it all not just what is convenient to a person’s preference and desire. For example he says people believe factory farming to be wrong and violating rights but traditional animal agriculture does not, toxicity test of cosmetics on animals violates their rights but medical research for cancer does not (Fox, Michael W., and Linda D. Mickley.) Regan states “ You don’t change unjust institutions by tidying them up (Fox, Michael W., and Linda D. Mickley ).” The issue here is that it isn’t the ways animals are being treated and the details it is the entire system as a whole. Just as Regan says “ The forlornness of the veal calf is pathetic, heart wrenching, the pulsing pain of chimp with electrodes planted deep in her brain is repulsive, the slow tortuous death of the raccoon caught in the leg-hold trap is agonizing.” The bigger picture here isn’t the pain or suffering the animals are put through, it’s the system that allows the …show more content…
Granting animal rights implies that that laboratory experiments would come to a halt despite the fact that many drugs and medical treatment have been made possible due to experiments on animals like some forms of cancer, antibiotics, HIV drugs and many other vaccines. Animal experiments have allowed the medical to achieve many great things, giving animals their rights would hinder the society from achieving other great accomplishments. Furthermore humans are carnivores and depend very much on meat and animals for nutrients and vitamins. In contrary people do not need to eat meat to be able to survive and receive the nutrients and vitamins they need. Allowing animals rights will reduce the amount of animal products consumed and used by society. In addition, animals used for entertainment will not be supported if animals have rights. There are many different perspectives to this controversial topic, for animal rights and against animal rights, until the day this issue is solved people must continue fighting and supporting in what the believe is truly right despite what is at their

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