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Anti Procrestination


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Serge Arnaud Amangoua August 22, 2013

Short Essay 1

Topic : What helps you to procrastinate and what can you do when you are faced with these issues?

The frequent thinking I have about work I should get

done is "Why do I keep procrastinating when I know it causes me so much

anxiety?" I usually know what I need to do, but I don't do it, or I wait until the last minute.

And, time and again, the pattern repeats itself. I feel caught, trapped in a vortex of

anxiety, stress, and procrastination. After self-criticism, I think the most common

factor which helps me to procrastinate is because I'm disorganized, and I want to do

everything at the same time in the last minute.

The answer of this question warned me to take action and step up strategies that I can

apply in my life to face these issues. So from there to face these issues , I write down

my goal and give myself a deadline. Because a goal without a deadline can put me

off. Visualize the future I want. I Imagine the emotions I will feel. Picture myself in

a favorite place celebrating what I’ve accomplished.I Imagine those who love me

most celebrating my success. And I act bravely daily. Starting today.I Build momentum

because it is crucial as I start out. So I commit to stepping out of my comfort zone at

least once per day. Every I keep positive attitude and i behave. I know It can be

something really small.

After all, it doesn’t matter how fast you are going, so long as I'm stepping forward in a

direction that inspires me. So this is the steps i take when I face procrastination

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