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1. Apologetics- Being able to defend the faith. 1 Peter 3:15 Apologia-Greek word “defense’ 2. Atheism-The lack of belief in a god and/or the belief that there is no god. The position held by a person or persons that 'lack belief' in god(s) and/or deny that god(s) exist. 3. Circular argument- argument in which the conclusion of an argument is one of its premises; argument assuming something that would ordinarily not be assumed by someone who didn’t believe the conclusion 4. Coventalism- or Covenant theology; is an interpretive framework for understanding the overall flow of the Bible, focusing on the covenants God made. 5. Deduction-A system of logic, inference, and conclusion drawn from examination of 6. Dispensationalism-a method of interpreting the Bible that divides history into periods of time called “dispensations.” 7. Empiricism-The belief that real knowledge is only acquired through sense experience. 8. Epistemological Dualism-Knowledge consists of a mind that knows and ideas that are known. 9. Epistemology--The branch of philosophy that deals with knowing and the methods of obtaining knowledge. 10. Ethics-Study of right and wrong, good and bad, moral judgment, etc. 11. Evidential Apologetics-An apologetic approach emphasizing individual facts and arguments, including: archaeology, effects on society, historical evidences, miracles, prophecy, and the uniqueness of Christianity and/or Scripture. 12. Faith-Acceptance of ideals, beliefs, etc., which are not necessarily demonstrable through experimentation or reason. 13. Free will-Freedom of self-determination and action independent of external causes. 14. Humanism-The system of philosophy based upon human reason, actions, and motives without concern of deity or supernatural phenomena. 15. Induction-A system of logic where specific facts are used to draw a general conclusion. 16. Irrationalism-Belief that human reason is inadequate to discover truth. 17. Monism-The view that there is only one basic and fundamental reality--that all existence is this one reality. 18. Monotheism-The belief that there is only one God in the universe. 19. Morals-Ethics, the codes, values, principles, and customs of a person or society. 20. Object Truth- To say that a statement is “objectively true” means that it is true for people of all cultures, times, etc., even if they do not know it or recognize it to be true. A good example is “gravity” 21. Pantheism--The belief that God is the universe and all that comprises it: laws, motion, matter, energy, consciousness, life, etc. It denies that God is a person and is self-aware. 22. Polytheism-The belief that there are many gods in existence in the universe. 23. Pragmatism-A method in philosophy where value is determined by practical results. 24. Presupposition-belief that precedes other beliefs; a belief that governs other beliefs; ultimate presupposition: the belief that governs all other beliefs, or the most fundamental commitment of the heart. 25. Rationalism-A branch of philosophy where truth is determined by reason. 26. Relativism-The view that truth is relative and not absolute. It varies from people to people, time to time. 27. Subjective Truth- To say that something is “subjectively true” means that it is true for the person(s) making the judgment, even though it may not be true for others. A good example is “the pain scale” 28. Theism-The belief that there is a God, and that He is knowable and involved in the world. 29. Theology-The study of things pertaining to God and/or the relation of God to the world. 30. Worldview-A philosophy, particularly a metaphysic. A way of understanding reality that governs all thought and life. 31.

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